Point of Order Regarding Suspensions/Bannings

Since ATMB is now the place for such discourse, should moderators leave threads open when announcing bannings/suspension?

Also, if a suspended poster has "BANNED’ under his name, is that just a glitch?

Generally, we don’t want discussion about banned or suspended posters, since they’re not around to defend themselves. It’s probably a li’l better in ATMB… at least, if we don’t get insults. However, I think the general principle still applies.

And yeah, usually a suspension would be so indicated, different from BANNED. It probably means that the cat was walking on the keyboard again.

As for question #2 - the system doesn’t distinguish between suspensions and bannings; we just set the length of time the ban lasts, from one day to forever. I think the admins have to change it to ‘Suspended’ manually, but the system does show that Omegaman is suspended for 30 days.

Just out of curiousity, I know you say that you don’t want discussion about banned posters since they’re not around to defend themselves, but if you look at the Pit, you see titles like “Stabbed in the back by a coworker” and “Customers suck. Well, this one, at least”, to take two examples close to the top.

Now, obviously, the backstabbing coworker and sucking customer aren’t around to defend themselves either. Why is it ok to trash their actions and not those of Banned Doper?

Well, one difference is that there is a much higher probability of Banned Doper reading the comments and either seething with rage or else crying in his beer, without any other way to correct misapprehensions and/or justify his crimes.

Yeah, but why is it the board management’s job to make sure that banned dopers don’t get their feelings hurt? If you don’t want your feelings hurt, you’re probably on the wrong board to begin with.

Why is it so important to be able to vent on the subject?

Why is it that some people feel it is so important to criticize the very simple rules we have around here? It’s the job of the mods to keep things running smoothly. I assume that one reason for the rule is to try and reduce the chance of a banned user returning as a sock in order to defend himself/herself in such a thread.

If you have a question about a banning, carry on the discussion in private with the mods. That’s pretty easy to do. Is it really THAT important that we work differently? :smack: :rolleyes:

It’s not that the banned poster “isn’t around” so much as that he has been prevented from defending himself by the banning. If by some chance the coworker or the customer were happen upon the thread and recognize themselves, they would be able to register and defend themselves.

However, that’s rather irrelevant. What we are concerned about are interactions that happen on the board. If someone is complaining about someone who is not a member, and that person doesn’t know about it, it’s not really a concern.

(This said, we have had cases where posters have hauled off-board personal conflicts onto the board. In such cases the threads have generally been shut down. We have enough conflicts about board stuff that we don’t really need to have people drag outside conflicts in here.)

Rather ask, if some people wish to vent over a banning or suspension, why is it so important to stop them? (I’m not talking about attacks on the banned/suspended poster and I’m not talking about socks).

I thought that was one of the main reasons for the Pit’s existence, to allow posters to vent, which is why such discussions should never have been moved to this section, where they have been quietly stifled.

Nobody’s been stopped from venting about anything. There has been no restriction on talking about this stuff in the Pit, there’s just an additional place to discuss and contest these things if you want to do so in a non-Pit kind of way.

Complete misunderstanding on my part. Thanks for clearing that up, Marley23.

Since that is the case, and to get back to the OP, why lock threads announcing bannings?

Only half humorously suggesting that it puts a bit of responsibility on a poster to do it, assuming there’s enough of a reason to do it at all.

If such threads were to be locked, I think it would show a sense of fair play.

The mods are discussing this amongst ourselves, to see if some revision of policy is reasonable or warranted. This process takes time (we’re not here 23/6) so patience, please.