Pointless Jetsons question

Did you all watch the clip of the open? Orbit High School isn’t even on stilts! It’s in orbit, man!

I sort of thought they were all in outer space. And if you’ve got flying cars, you don’t want to go on the ground! The ground’s for squares.

Check out the “Future City” section of David Szondy’s website, “Tales of Future Past.” Much of the visionary technomania of the early-to-mid-20th Century implicitly assumed Progress involved putting more and more distance between technocivilized human beings and messy, dirty old Nature. Some envisioned future cities include giant self-sufficient buildings which the inhabitants never leave for weeks at a stretch. Some are built so high the ground is barely even visible from the elevated freeways or interbuilding ramps. Some cities float in the air like Laputa.

:smack: Jane! (or was it Weezie?)