Pointless Pecuniary Proclivities or...

Fickle Fiduciary Findings

Pocket change can accumulate over time. Some make reasonable efforts to disburse it at a rate commensurate with which it is accumulated. Others seek to cache it in various and assorted containers.

Banking institutions have varied how they are willing to receive bulk coins over the years. A youngster could once take a stash in and get direct results, whether it was paper money in return, or a deposit to account. At one time, one was required to count and stuff those paper sleeves before presenting them to the teller. Some Banks once offered the service of dumping your coins into a washer - dryer - sorter, if they deemed you worthy. Now it seems one must have a commercial account in order to enjoy special privileges.

After an estimated 30 or so years, I had the pleasure of filling a 5 gallon water bottle with the results of my spendings.

With the now and then help of 10 or so friends, the coinage was quantified after several weeks of effort. Beverages were consumed, and recounts were frequent.

I am going to make a major assumption in that some here might want to take a guess or two before the details are listed.

The 5 gallons of coins weighed 170 pounds.

Results below:

There were:

[ul]3,025 quarters for a total of $756.25

3,944 dimes = $394.40

2,682 nickels = $134.10

12,136 pennies = $121.36

Total = $1406.11[/ul]

Average = $8.27 per pound, or $281.22 per gallon.

Mundane pointless inanity if ever there was some.

I bask in my own consummate drivel.

I sort my coinage as I take it out of my pockets at night. Four coins, four cans. That way when I want to count and sleeve it, the most mundane and time-consuming part is over.

My useless compilation was one of the few, of many long term issues that was finally brought to fruition.

Anality to be sure.

Hmmm…$1406.11 of found money. Now what?

We took ours on vacation…not nearly as much dough though.

Heavens to Murgatroyd. $1400 in free money (more or less)! I say buy a computer. (If it was me, I would pay off my credit card and bank overdraft, and maybe have enough left over to pay my rent :slight_smile:

Ya see, the deal is, there were bets placed.

How much is 5 gallons?

What does 170 pounds equate to?

Ratio of coin denominations?

A wildly varying range of 20 dollar bets were made.

My home. My money. My booze. My loss.

Matt ol’ bean, there shall be a celebration of sorts. There is a definite sense of found cash.

“Heavens To Murgatroyd”, indeed.

Some gents and dames will hopefully enjoy this event. The Bank was certainly intrigued with this pedestrian’s offerings.