Pointless SD Statistics and a Prize

In a fit of inanity, I was wondering how close I came to being a “typical” SD poster.

I checked and found the following thread counts for the various forums:

About This Message Board - 1795
Comments on Cecil’s Columns - 1152
Comments on Staff Reports - 605
General Questions - 21405
Great Debates - 4297
In My Humble Opinion - 4604
Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share - 20861
The BBQ Pit - 3270

A total of 57989. A little calculator work produced these approximate percentages.

About This Message Board - 3.1%
Comments on Cecil’s Columns - 2.0%
Comments on Staff Reports - 1.0%
General Questions - 36.9%
Great Debates - 7.4%
In My Humble Opinion - 7.9%
Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share - 36.0%
The BBQ Pit - 5.6%

Presumedly these would be the posting percentages of a statistically typical SD poster.

A quick search gave me my own thread counts:

About This Message Board - 9
Comments on Cecil’s Columns - 11
Comments on Staff Reports - 5
General Questions - 401
Great Debates - 109
In My Humble Opinion - 108
Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share - 508
The BBQ Pit - 53

And my posting percentages:

About This Message Board - 0.7%
Comments on Cecil’s Columns - 0.9%
Comments on Staff Reports - 0.4%
General Questions - 33.4%
Great Debates - 9.1%
In My Humble Opinion - 9.0%
Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share - 42.3%
The BBQ Pit - 4.4%

Not too surprising. I assumed I had a lower than average post count in the message board specific forums and the Pit. I was somewhat surprised to see I had a lower than average percentage in GQ; I felt I posted there quite frequently.

By now, many of you are asking yourself (assuming you haven’t stop reading entirely) “Just how boring is Nemo’s life anyway?” The answer obviously is “Pretty boring, he really should get cable.” The rest of you are thinking back to the subject line and asking “What was that about a prize?” In answer to that, I will buy a free copy of Cecil Adam’s next Straight Dope book (in paperback) for the first person who posts here whose own posting percentages matchs the typical ones.

doesn’t even bother for the prize then as his PQ is infantessimally low

Threads 951
ATMB    60    6.3%
CCC     31    3.3%
CSC     26    2.7%
GQ      231   24.3%
GD      169   17.8%
IMHO    124   13%
MPSIMS  193   20.3%
BBQ     117   12.3%

Surprised to be below par in GQ, and to be above for GD. Otherwise pretty much what I would have thought.

You folks are sub-par in GQ because of people like me who rarely leave that forum. My GQQ is 77% (for a long time it was about 85%, but I’ve branched out a bit). BobT’s GQQ is 86%.

No wonder the boards are so slow today. You people are using all the bandwith with your searches. I would never do such a selfish thing. :smiley: