Poison consultant need .... for a mystery story.

Truly, I’m not planning to off my husband or anthing. :slight_smile:

I’ve come up with what I think is a neat murder plot/method, but I need help for exactly which poison to use. And I really don’t want to burn the idea by posting details openly.

So, anyone knowledgable about the subject willing to answer a question or two by email? I’m thinking a doctor or pharmacist, or maybe a biochemist?

Thanks in advance!

Just call Poison Control and tell them you swallowed whatever it is, and see how they react. Keep calling with different poisons and amounts swallowed until they freak out.

For the record if you pan fry something with Easy Off instead of Pam, they won’t freak out.

How about luminous toxin?

I saw a story once where pure nicotine was used to kill someone, because the victim smoked, and so the presence of nicotine wouldn’t be suspicious to the coroner.

Time factor (exposure time to reach fatal dose): quick or slow
Time factor (fatality): quick or slow
Chemical or biological or nuclear
Toxicity & dosage
Delivery method
Ability to procure

Just a few factors I can think of off the top of my head.

I am none of the above, but I do have a certain…knack for these things.

Get a copy of Deadly Doses: a Writer’s Guide to Poisons.

Ah, of course there would be a specialized book for us! Thanks for the pointer!