Poison Ivy: Whats mine is yours?

I have heard over and over that poison Ivy can not be contracted by touching/exposure to a person who has it.
Is it true that you can only get poison ivy from the actual plant residue…or can you get it through contact with the fluid from the actual rash
on another person?
Thanks !

from http://poisonivy.aesir.com :

I recommend http://www.google.com

I found the answer to your question in less than 60 seconds.

You can only get it from someone if they have the oil on their skin. http://www.straightdope.com/mailbag/mpoisonivy.html

On the other hand, the oil may be present and the other person–or dog!–doesn’t have a rash. But you will.

Probably the reason people think that they caught/spread the rash is that the oil can stick around for a very long time. I seem to recall reading that it can remain viable for as long as a year. If you get it on your shoes, work gloves, garden tools, etc. you have to be careful to wash it away, or you’ll just start the whole process over again.

Also, if you have a bad case and your body is brimming with histamines, you can get “sympathetic” rashes. I had a particularly bad episode, and days later I had a rash show up on my torso, where I knew I hadn’t been exposed.

I am highly sensitive to poison sumac as well and, lucky me, it grows in my neighbor’s yard and comes up in my garden. I have learned that if I have the self control to avoid scratching the rash at all-not even just a little bit-it will fade within 48 hours. But if I scratch at it, it starts a whole reaction process and takes at least a week to clear up.

Thanks Sue, Im pleased you are pleased with your personal best in retrieving an answer.

AHh thanks so much…I have seen situations like what happend on your torso and this is what was concerning me.
Thanks to everyone for your replies :^)

Ha! Funny girl, it was friendly advice.

If you’re going to hang around here, you better get used to doing searches (Google, SD archive and SDMB archive) before you post a question or you will get chastized by much worse than me.

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Ha! Funny girl, it was friendly advice.

I received valid and helpful responses from others, minus the gloating…I am aware I can access a search engine, however…this forum is for general questions, and I asked a general question.