Pokemon (read this)

Dumb lawsuit.

reminds me of Magic the Gathering.

Buy your kids some playing cards, let them
play war with them. Much cheaper.

Or better yet, color copy onto card paper the
best possible pokemon set there is. Give to
your kids. fun.

Of course it reminds you of Magic: the Gathering. Both card games are put out by Wizards of the Coast. :slight_smile:

As for creating a good deck - it just requires a little thought, and not a bunch of expensive cards. Maybe the parents should buy the kids a book on these cards and strategies for the game, and they can read and think about ways to win without breaking the bank.

But I suppose that would be too much to ask. It’s so much easier to try to sue the company.


I suppose it is more fun to sue the company that prevent your kids from buying the cards.

“It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in an argument” - William McAdoo

Interesting this is brought up. On NPR just a couple of days ago, they were interviewing a Chicago teacher and mother who saw kids gathering in the corner trading their cards and made the commentary that this could be used to teach kids about the stock market and other economic issues.

To me this is no different than the baseball cards I traded as a youth. The kids are younger, though, but hey - We all know the kids today are growing up faster these days…

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My little brother is into this Pokemon stuff big time. He keeps telling “this card is worth $x, and this card is worth $y.” I keep telling him “Why are you wasting your money? NOBODY’s gonna buy that from you for $x when they can buy it in a pack like you did for $5.”
Obviously, no one is FORCING him to buy these. If those boys were irresponsible with their money, it’s their fault. You can’t go around suing, say, a jewlery store for MAKING you buy a thousand dollar watch.