Pokemon Proclaimed As Evil

From Inquest, a gamer magazine we get here in the office:

Card games and dolls are bad. Setting fires and playing with swords is good.

The article goes on to mention:

But 80+ impressionable kids watching a man of God practice wanton destruction by way of pyromania and a 2 1/2 foot blade is a good thing. Uh huh.

Pokemon help us all…

Yer pal,

Excellent post satan…you clearly and concisely showed why nuts like this are …well…nuts.

You are all invited to join me at my home this Saturday at my first annual Pokemon bonfire and destruction ritual, while I try to explain to children that while this crap is not evil, it is really fucking annoying and stupid.

We will follow the destruction with Ice Blue KoolAid, and Peanut Butter Cookies.

Thank you

Yeah, Cowart is an idiot who employed a solution that was much worse than the problem.

But Pokeman IS evil. So are Beanie Babies, Furby, Tickle Me Elmo, etc., etc., etc.

I have kids, does it show?

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Satan, I think you should call these charlatans and hypocrites to your door.

It’s no wonder I have such contempt for “men of the cloth” and apathy towards religion in general.


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No matter what game or sport becomes popular, somebody will find a reason to call it evil. The fundies said the same thing about Magic: The Gathering.

When I was in college, a friend’s roommate was disturbed by the sight of my Magic deck. One particular card, the Atog, upset him a lot; it has a picture of a spooky-looking creature with glowing red eyes.

He asked to speak to me privately, and warned me that my soul was in danger. In a low voice, with complete sincerity, he said: “One day soon, this creature will come to you… and it will offer you power.”

I grinned manically at him, opened my eyes really wide, and growled, “You are too late, mortal! This one’s soul is mine now!” (Well, actually I didn’t do that. But I was so tempted. =B^)

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

And they say religion isn’t entertaining anymore. :smiley:

Tenacious, like a coonhound tracking a poodle in heat.

damn, AuraSeer, good thing you didn’t let the roomie see your “Living Wall” (with baby fetus smack in the middle of it). And, yes, while I will admit to finding the damned little Pikachus and Charmanders adorable (he says on his way to the Pit) there’s something disconcerting about beating the shit out of, well, anything then forcing it into slave labor… maybe it’s just me.

They’re also starting on the Harry Potter books.

Wizards, magic, fun, stuff like that. Bad, bad, bad.


Auraseer said:

In my dorm, we had separated bunk beds, with my roommate having the drawers beneath his. I stored my D&D stuff there. One day he saw the book cover I’d put on my Dungeon Master’s Guide – had a five-pointed star and a goat’s head skull. I thought it was pretty cool looking. He yelled at me to move it because he could feel it burning through the mattress at night. Hmmm. Funny how he hadn’t noticed that burning 'til he saw the book (that had been there for months prior).

I had a friend whose roommate was like yours – but worse. He went around and sprinkled holy water over the room to keep out the demons and the like. We both had a mutal friend who was large and scary-looking. One day friend #1 had friend #2 come visit while the roommate was in. #2 walked in, sniffed, and bellowed, “AARRGGGH! I SMELL HOLY WATER!!” and proceeded to go into demonic gurgling noises. :slight_smile:

I know, I know, everything new and popular is evil. It’s like the leaves turning in fall. Inevitable.

But, on a slightly different bent, what is it with these games that use admitedly (sp?) Satanic-type symbols? I acknowledge the point about the roommate who couldn’t feel the book burning at him until he saw it, but that whole thing with using pentagrams etc. has always struck me as not only unnecessary, but kind of over the line.

What’s the point? Is it a marketing gimmick to make the game look “cool” and subversive, the better to sell it to 13 year olds who would only be too happy to be doing something their parents might not approve of?

Any ideas or comments?

Squirtle, Squirtle!

Look at that face? How can you call that evil? He’s so sweet, he’ll even use his water attack to put out those flames!

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Sigh… how could I forget Squirtle?! :slight_smile: Now, Mr. Dave Sweeney- for fear of starting a HUGE Pit-style thread- a pentagram is not necessarily Satanic. Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, other non-judeo-christian-islamic religious types don’t believe in Satan. But, they are * occult*, that is, they’re not generally well understood by the general populace. So, when these symbols are used by a huge multinational gaming conglomerate (who shall remain nameless, but sounds like “Magicians on the Shoreline”) they elicit one of a few responses, including, but not limited to: “BACK foul heretic!”, and “hey, cool design”. This second attitude keeps several of my tattoo artist friends in business with myriad variations on the Celtic knot and Native American patterns… and yes, I used to keep my Magic cards lying around to piss people off… it’s kinda fun :slight_smile:

I don’t think Pokemon cards are evil, but I DO think that parents who fork out $6 for 11 plastic-coated cards should be taken out to the wood shed and spanked.

I remember a local assistant minister giving me a speech about D&D. He was invited in by the school to talk to me about my heathen ways (I was the local D&D club leader). Anyway, he is telling me about how evil D&D is and will harm my soul. Just as he is talking about how pretending to have magical abilities is evil and no good Christian person (which I wasn’t but anyway) would never do such a thing, we hear a girl’s voice outside invoking the incantation “something blah blah She-ra” (a cartoon that played along with He-man) that transforms a princess into a mighty warrior. It was that church’s head minister’s daughter. Thanks for the thread. Brought back a very fond memory.

What more could you expect from somebody who lets people kick him to the head?

“By the power of Grey Skull, I am She-Ra.” Oh my, what a sweet anectdote (sp?). You guys have nothing on evil. Go to my Small Wonder thread. Yes, I am obsessing. Pokemon is cute, but Small Wonder is the one true evil.


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“sugar coated instrument of evil”? Sounds like a part of satan’s body! :smiley:

No, Cub, I’m afraid you’ve got it wrong.

He-Man’s magic whatsit was, “By the power of Grayskull!”
She-Ra’s was slightly different: “For the honor of Grayskull!”

Anyone who asks why I know this will be summarily ignored.

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.





There. I feel better now.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Go, go, Gadget-Copter!

If there’s one thing we can credit the Japanese for besides first rate electronics, a superior education system, and tempura, it’s weird ass cartoon creatures with abstract premises. Why is the only thing any Pokemon can say is it’s own name over and over again? Cute at first, but soon it makes you want to start smashing things.