Poker help...

I have never understood how to play (and win) at poker. I know the hands, but not the odds. I don’t understand betting, raising, calling.
Anyone help? Or recomend a good book or cite (site) - there are so many.
Thanks in advance.

Which game? There are many.

Just put the name of the game you want to play into google along with the word tips and you will get many hints.

You also might want to try one of the online poker sites that allow you to play with play chips. No you don’t win anything but more play chips. But some sites have freeroll tourneys that do let a person win.

I play at myself but there are many more sites.

Poker forums that might be of interest:

For general information on poker in general, I can’t recommend Sklansky’s “The Theory of Poker” highly enough. The concepts are applicable to all forms of poker, from hold em to seven card stud to razz to lowball. As long as you have a basic understanding of the rules of each game, the book will help you tremendously.

If you want to play Texas Hold Em, which pretty much everyone these days does, I’d recommend Miller’s Small Stakes Hold Em and Hilger’s Internet Texas Hold Em. Both have helped my admittedly novice play tremendously. Be warned that Miller’s book is rather complex, despite being for small stakes. Apparently he’s writing another book for more novice players that should be out soon.

I would second Theory of Poker. Also, The bible.

One thing about Super System is that everybody’s read it so if you follow it too closely you’ll be easier to figure out. Doyle’s talked about how after S/S came out he had to change his style of play drastically. Still worth reading though. Super System 2 is out but I haven’t read it.

My first hold 'em book was The Complete Book of Hold ‘Em Poker by Gary Carson. It’s a solid introduction to the game. I’ve picked up Sklansky’s book about a dozen times but keep putting it back down again without making much headway. Lee Jones’ low limit hold 'em book also comes recommended by a number of people I know but I haven’t read it.

Hombre, did you have some specific questions that you were looking to get answered? our OP is really vague.