Polanski released on $4.5 million bail


So running for 30 years doesn’t deserve a remand to custody? I guess not if you win an academy award…

Just because his home’s in Europe and he fled justice once for a few decades and he stands to spend several years in prison if he stays or can resume a lucrative and lauded career if he flees doesn’t mean he’s a flight risk… oh, wait…

I’ve no idea what Polanski’s cash position is like- if $4.5 MIL is something he can swing without affecting his lifestyle or not but I’m pretty sure it’s an amount he can earn back with one or two movies. I’m guessing he’s already pricelined a ticket and gone. Morals of the case aside he’d be a damned fool to stay.

I hope they at least made him surrender his passport.

According to the New York Times, they did. It’s pretty sweet compared to being in jail, but he’s under house arrest with electronic monitoring until he (presumably) gets shipped to the U.S.

So the Swiss franc is 1:1 to the dollar now? Good lord, our economy’s a mess…

So if he skipped bail (which even without papers is probably not an insurmountable problem when you’re rich), I wonder if France would extradite him to Switzerland knowing that Switzerland will extradite him to the U.S…

At his age, the thing to do at this point is to review his will, say goodbye to his family, make his peace with his maker if so inclined, and shoot himself in the head.

I know Switzerland isn’t part of the EU, but are there even actual border crossings on the Franco-Swiss border or just a big sign that says Bienvenue a France?

I went to an online currency converter and sure enough the Swiss Franc and the USD are neck in neck; rounded

$4.5 million currently equals 4,509,000 CHF

4,500,000 CHF=$4,489,000

Odd for them to be that close.

I really am curious if Polanski will try to escape and if so if France will extradite.

why would they? France doesn’t extradite its own citizens. why do you think that would be different if the Swiss asked, compared to the US?

So if he flees to France he avoids jail? Can the French try him for running from Swiss law, or is he home free?

My understanding is that he’s only technically releasesd – he’s now under house arrest, required to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. He won’t escape to France.

Hello, yes, I need a locksmith who’s discreet. Yes, the big mansion at the end of Child Molester Blvd. I’ll pay extra for someone in a cheerleader outfit. $5,000 in cash? Not a problem.

Hello, Bank, I’d like to donate $6 million to “Save The Virgins”. Their main office is in the Bahamas.

So what happens if one tries to run with an ankle monitor? Is it mainly a detector? Are they automatically caught? Has anyone ever tried and succeeded?

It explodes if you go more than 100 yards away from Rutger Hauer.

Or rather, he will be under house arrest as of Monday. At the moment he’s still in prison.

My understanding is that if a French citizen is charged with an offence by another country, the French government will try that person in the French courts. Exactly how that works I don’t know.

So… anyone for a pool on how long he’s free before he skips town?

And Polanski has now posted a 4.5 million dollar bail to avoid a 90 day jail sentence. Not counting lawyer fees, over the intervening decades.


Given their stance on drugging and child rape so far…one suspects it works rather poorly for the most part…