Polgara was a bitch.

I really enjoyed the Belgariad / Malloreon books when I first read them, 20 years or so ago, and again, when I re-read them earlier this year. But, I never really liked Polgara. Part of it, for me, was the bitchiness, but part of it was also the general superior attitude.

Though, I confess, I was first introduced to the books when my college girlfriend read them. And, when I read them, several years later (long after said girlfriend broke up with me), I realized that Polgara was more than a little like that girlfriend. Which wasn’t necessarily a positive…:stuck_out_tongue:

The one that bugged me was “the voice” chatted with Belgarath all the time in his book, but in the other series, he would only talk to Garion and I got the distinct impression that Belgarath had never talked to him and didn’t even know he could take such a step.

Yep, Sadi was the druggie and drugger!

Ah, yes. I remember that passage well. I was…strangely intrigued when I read that.