Police hope to make big bust in plastic surgery crime

Would that be a “before” photo or an “after” photo?

And how could she skip anywhere if she’d just had giant silicone boobs installed.

Wow, the police will look like boobs if they don’t catch this lady.

Best thread title ever.

If they do collar her, you think they’ll be charging admission to view the lineup?

It’s not as if she can hide behind a tree or such. Just follow the trail of drool.

She may have to return them. :slight_smile:

Maybe the hospital needs a “no bucks,no boobs policy.”

Okay, I have to ask… Are there pictures of this lady anywhere? I have just got to see this. (I don’t want to have to look through all the porn to find it, if it even exists, but I’m sure that are more than a few Dopers willing :wink: )