Police take the money, but not the drugs!

I can’t believe what just happened. I live in the city. Not the nicest part of the city, but not the worst. Every once in a while I see some shady guy standing on the corner and I know he’s not up to any good. That’s the kind of neighborhood I live in.
So anyway, about an hour ago I’m sitting down for lunch when I hear from out side “GET DOWN ON THE GROUND! GET DOWN ON THE GROUND NOW!” I get up and look out just in time to see the police lug off some bad guy in cuffs. Good I thinks to my self. The neighborhood is that much safer. I move to my back window and watch them throw him in a paddy wagon. Then I look down. Now, my back yard is small with a very tall privacy fence all around. What I see on the ground is a wad of money. BONICE! I thinks to my self. I’m going to get me some money right after I’m done eating. I then proceed to sit down and enjoy my mom’s famous mac and cheese.
I’m about half way through my bowl of cheesy goodness when I hear a loud BANG. Not a gun shot type bang, but a fence door being slammed shut because someone does not know the trick to closing it right. I quickly get up and look out my back window. Surprise, surprise, the money is gone (I should of grabbed it when I had a chance). I go out and look around. Maybe the wind just blew it in the corner or something. No dice, BUT LOOK, there’s a nice little bad of drugs right there, about 2 feet from where the money was. How nice. The cops came and took the money and left fucking drugs in my back yard (I’m sure they would have taken it if they saw it, but come on, it was right there!). My kids play in the back yard (this is apparent from all the toys strewn around). You can’t take two seconds and look around and clean up the drugs also. Now I’ve got to wait probably 5 hours for a cop to show up and clean this shit up out of my yard (I’m not touching it. I have a paranoidel fear of being caught with drugs some how, even though I’ve never used them, and being sent to prison for years or something).
I went from “Cool. Bad guy gettin taken away.” To “Super cool. Free money.” To “I can’t believe the cops went into my back yard with out even knocking on the door.” to “They took the money but not the drugs!”


Man, you should move to someplace safe like Baltimore or Newark. Delaware is fucking hard! :wink:

You sure it was the cops? Maybe your neighbor was watching and saw the dealer toss the money in your yard.

Hey, just sell your neighbor the drugs & your set (PS- then call the cops on him. Tell them you saw him take something out of your back yard…and darned if it didn’t look like Drugs! That’ll teach him to steal money out of your back yard…)

That mac and cheese must be freakin’ unbelivable.

What kind of drugs are we talking about here?

Sudafed and Pepto. Delaware is thin, man.

Do you enjoy your mom’s famous mac and cheese so much that you think its better than sex? Better than money? Do you think you might mix it with the drugs and shoot it up. I wonder what you would have done for meat loaf?

i dont know what type of drugs it was. the bag was small, about the size of a nickle, and stuffed with small, brown grandules (sp). any way, 3 1/2 hours after i called, a cop showed up and took it away. i still would have liked the money.

Why didn’t you go out and grab the freaking money while the mac and cheese chilled on the freaking table?

Shit, I would have been the one slamming the door in my rush to grab the wad!

And no, I wouldn’t have taken the drugs. I would have called the cops, however.

Finally, `BONICE’? What? Is that a misspelling or a completely new word?

(BTW, great thread title. Really brightens my day to hear of police not taking drugs. ;))