Polish marinated garlic -- how to eat?

There’s a Polish food store near me, and I bought some marinated garlic (with herbs and paprika) in a jar, because it looked good, although I had no idea how to eat it. Anyhow, tonight I’m making some spaghetti sauce and I was out of garlic, so I used some of it. I tasted some of the garlic out of the jar, and it was pretty good, a little vinegary. How is it supposed to be eaten? It is some kind of hors d’ouevre to eat with vokda, or it is used in recipes?


But seriously, folks…

I like to browse on many different kinds of foods at a time. I might fill up a platter with chunks of ham, salsa (uncilantroed, of course), cheese, olives, pickles, grapes, a couple different kinds of crackers, a sliced jalapeno, and pickled garlic, and just sit back and watch TV.

A good sized platter and a leisurely pace and you’ve got a half an hour of bliss, there.

Yep, what you really have there is pickled garlic. Eat it like other antipasto, whole and pretty much by hand. I wouldn’t use it for most cooking since the flavor is milder and different from raw garlic.

I think it is a danger to you, your bank account, the sanctity of your home and quite possibly your sperm count.

I will throw my sense of self-preservation to the wind to save you from this horror. Please remit to me any garlic you may find.

I shall dispose of it properly.

FWIW, the only bad way to eat garlic is with eggs. Shove 'em in olives, bake 'em, slice 'em dice 'em, just EATS 'EM!