Polish president narrowly reelected

So there was a big election going on in Poland:

One big issue was LGBT; incumbent Andrzej Duda went after gays and lesbians and called LGBT ideology “more dangerous than Communism.” He was narrowly reelected by a mere margin of two percent; the tightest such outcome since Poland emerged from communism in 1989. His opponent, Trzasjkowski, had been overwhelmingly favored by young voters.

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I recall some hoopla about trying to make changes to their court system in his first term and some strongly-worded letters from the EU. But I honestly haven’t been following this one much.

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With Duda still there, it could happen.

Poland is split down the middle, and to some extent geographically. The rubes out in the countryside vote for the PIS party (yes, really, that’s its name, I think they need an English-speaking PR to suggest some minor changes) and there are proportionately more of them, them east of Warsaw. I am in Lower Silesia, which is not too far from Germany (160 km) and there are a number of foreign investors here, as in western Poland in general. Once you head east of Warsaw the new investment thins out, the people there aren’t benefitting much from anything, and they are also next to the Ukraine, which is an economic basket case that people try to leave to work in Poland. So the eastern part looks east and in many ways to the past. It’s solidly Catholic, really seriously so, and the PIS party makes a big thing of being a friend of the church. And the eastern part has a higher proportion of older people, as does the countryside in general. In some ways it is like Trump, it is just that here there are an awful lot of white men with intensely conservative attitudes, while the urbanites and the younger people - often the same thing - vote against Duda. Unfortunately, a lot of the young people are abroad, so they can’t or don’t vote.