Polish Twins

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the twin brother of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, has just be named as Prime Minister of Poland.

Anybody else thinking … sitcom gold!

Jaro - was always such a serious one
Lech - he’s a wild son of a gun
But Poland together - they’re gonna have to run
Cuz they’re - Twins in Warsaw

In tonight’s episode, Lech promises to attend a NATO summit on the same night he was supposed to go out with Mariska. How can he be two places at once? Uh oh, looks like Jaro won’t be spending a quiet night at home after all!

Brilliant! :smiley:

How many times have I posted that?

Um…“Polish” twins means to me two children, less than a year apart.

No, I have no idea why it’s called that. No, I don’t call kids separated with less than 12 months between them that. Just sayin’…

It’s called that because it’s meant to be derogatory to Polish people; as in, they were so dumb or careless they by mistake concieved right after they gave birth to the previous child.

This will make a good followup show to that sitcom about the Ukranian election, Victor and Victor. This week, hilarity ensues as Victor Yuchenko gets poisoned and accuses Victor Yanukovich.

Well, no duh. I guess I should have said that I do know why it’s said–but since I don’t get why people would want to be derogatory towards Poles, I posted what I did. Guess it goes along with all those Polack jokes.
I wonder how their sibling relationship will influence their political relations…

Around here it’s “Irish Twins” not Polish. However, there are a lot of Irish new englanders. Lots of Polish folks where you are?

Yes, but come to think of it–it IS Irish twins. I live near Chicago, so there are lots and lots of Irish and Poles here.

It’s “Polish” bath–when you don’t wash your hair.

OK-I think we delved into the latent racist phrases that float around my mind enough for one noc… :slight_smile:

Well, you know the twins were child actors. They were in an apparently well known Polish kid’s movie in the 1960’s that is still popular today. (IMDB lists that as their only credit, but who knows – they may have done TV and stuff as well.)

Both Poles and Irish are (generally) Catholic, and the whole Irish/Polish Twins thing sounds very much like it’s referring to that rather than the ethnicity.

OK, so enough about the ethnic slurs. What I want to know is, which of them is Evil?

The one with the goatee.

“There’s Lech who’s been most everywhere…”

I did not know this.

From the IMDB plot summary:

Okay, I made that last part up.

Suppose our own favorite twin child actors follow the same path – President Mary Kate and Supreme Court Chief Justice Ashley Olsen!

Since the Olsens now represent Dylan and Cole Sprouse, if they were to be elected, it could perhaps be the start of a long dynasty of celebrity twin politicians. I presume the Duffs, Simpsons*, and Hiltons are lining up as well.

[sub]Jessica and Ashlee, not Bart and Lisa.[/sub]

This is a wise poster, indeed. Also, does one wear black more often?