Political book titles for fun

Inspired by this in GD I thought we could create punny political book titles. Any political figure, past or present.

Here goes

Bush Hogs {how the rich got richer}

Bush Pilot {confessions from Air Force 1}

Burning Bush {the truth about Jenna and Barbara’s secret desires}

Ch Ch Cheney; Cheney of Fools {how the VP snickers behind our backs}

Lincoln’s Logs {Abe’s bowel movement journals finally published}

Hoover Sucked {a stark criticism of our 31st president}

I’ll do better next post, I promise

Hoover Sucked {The Clyde Tolson Story}

Nixon U: My Days at Whittier College

Poison Milk and School Children: Lincoln’s Dark Side by Homer J. Simpson

And his next riveting title:

Under the Robe: Earl Warren’s Life as a Sleazy Male Stripper

Truman: A Biography of Hillary Clinton

Face Blasting and Pretzel Choking: The Zany Lives of Our Elected Officials.

Wow, that looks a lot dirtier than I intended. :eek: