Political Celibacy

I’m currently living in a state of political celibacy and loving each and every moment of my newly-acquired indifference. Due to the “unbelievable” fact that I’m not a scientist, not a physicist, not even (dare I admit it) a philosopher, (not one studied in any of these and similar professions of intellectual certitude…I’m merely a pianist), who am I to question the laws of reason and gravity?

If skyscrapers vanish into dust and forgetfulness, if alleged misfits suddenly become ace pilots and masters at box-cutter warfare, who am I to question it? If a Flight 800 explodes off the Long Island coast and what was witnessed as going up was actually coming down, and what was seen going sideways was actually going nowhere but somewhere, who am I to question this?

Having been wandering around between Heaven and Earth on the day of JFK’s one-way trip to Dallas (I was nine), I should know better. That was also a day of wonder and sorcery, when there existed another misfit who performed the incredible feat of not only precision shooting with a cheap Italian-made rifle, but had also mastered the mind-blowing ability to fire “magic bullets” with it as well. Indeed, those were magical days of magic bullets, grassy knolls, now-you-see-it/now-you-don’t witnesses and evidence…and all of those other minor spectacles of amazement which are modestly and conveniently brushed-off as coincidence and blamed on the concoctions of radicals and screwballs.

In my merry old school days, what fun it was to “duck-and-cover” during our bi-monthly nuclear attack drills. Being herded down to the school basement, sitting against the wall, heads braced between our knees, as (this was a Catholic school) we recited “Hail Marys” and “Our Fathers” for ten minutes. All of us kids were forever looking for any excuse to break the monotony and get out of the classroom. We found it to be excitingly diverting but wouldn’t have known the Cold War from the Good Humor Man nor the Gulf of Tonkin from the Hudson River. We were healthy kids and sought, albeit unconsciously and instinctively, to keep it that way. In short, we merely played along with procedure and then went out to play.

I really need to recapture that by-gone time of stable blood pressure and peaceful digestion. My new life as a political celibate may add years to my life, in spite of my continued habit of smoking cigarettes (yes, I admit to that too) and related bad deeds. If President Bush (or President Anyone, for that matter) and Company claim that his brand of Toothpaste-X is superior (maybe with the support of 9 out of 10 dentists and defense contractors) to Toothpaste-Z, who am I to argue with such intellectual enlightenment? (By the Tears of Falstaff!, just look at George Bush) When I’m told that the world needs democracy (the price of fuel and the cause of war and everything evil under the Sun and Moon, as we all know, is because there are places that lack democracy, who am I to question this profound concern? The powers-that-be in the USA (truly, every nation in the free and industrialized world) have everyone’s best interests at heart and in mind…even if this kills us all. (I think I’ll light another cigarette. :rolleyes: )

What’s the debate here?

It’s probably not a debate and I’ve probably misplaced this entry…this is rather an issue with a sarcastic spin. If it needs to be moved, then have it moved. I’m new at the Dope and may not fully understand the rules. Sorry.

No need to apologize. I just was unsure how to respond.

I’m not sure if this is a really long-winded and mild rant, or you’re just high.

Either way, I’m giving it a D. Proper punctuation, correct spelling, and nice paragraphs save you from an F.

No, Sage Rat, unfortunately I’m not high. If this entry is “long-winded,” it’s due to the hot air of current politics. If it’s a “mild rant,” it’s because if I were to become serious I would require three web pages for my seriousness. In short, it was (as I hoped) meant to be somewhat comical. Thanks for the reply…and the D.

I don’t know, he did forget to close one parenthesis, so that might knock it down to a D-.

Perhaps you could explain once more what TWA 800, the JFK assassination, duck-and-cover, and George Bush have to do with “political celibacy.” I’m really not following your point at all. I think the clarity of your point would improve if you avoided trying to write in a folksy/rambling/trying to be funny manner with lots of digressions and asides.

Since this has become reduced to a discussion of grammar usage, a sentence ends with a period (.), not a minus (-) sign. However, keep on trying.

You mean like the one in the post you quoted?

I believe that sentence does indeed end with a period, and that the minus sign went with the letter D, as in the letter grade D minus. Keep trying.

I suggested what I needed to suggest in this entry. It’s there for you to read, ignore, understand or misunderstand–or not follow…or whatever you like. In spite of my “folksy/rambling…” etc. manner, I think you can follow it…otherwise, I certainly joined the wrong forum.

Here’s an idea; how’s about you just tell us what the Hell “political celibacy” means. I’m guessing it means that you’ve decided to stop paying attention to current political events.

No reason to get all defensive only 12 posts in. Ravenman gave you a good bit of advice. You tried way too hard to write in a certain style, and your point got awfully muddled in the process. There is a reason that this quickly became a grammar thread instead of whatever “political celibacy” is. That’s the reason I came into this thread, I was really hoping to see what that phrase meant, because it sounds appealing. Instead, I got, well, a lot of nothing. If you come back and read this in a week, or even a few days, I’m sure you’ll see it like we do. Try to make your point again, but this time, be consice and clear.

Yes, Baldwin, that’s what it means: indifference, apathy, disinterest,…let Rome burn while I (not Nero, but the common person) let Rome burn. There’s more, but I couldn’t imagine that this entry was so “muddled” as I now am forced to realize.

Political celibacy (coined by yours truly) simply means political indifference or apathy, as explained in my reply to Baldwin. (By the way, my mistake…I missed your period after the minus sign.) However, this certainly descended into a tense exchange…I regret that my attempt at humor misfired.

I suspect that the word apathy works better than celibacy at several levels, (e.g., from whom are you refraining from “marriage” in your apathetic state?), however, I hardly think that that should be a major sticking point for discussion.

It appears, to me, that your salient point is that since various things have happened in ways that cause some people to be concerned that dark forces are behind them, you have chosen to not think about what(?)–those incidents? all politics? all society?–and have come here to offer this approach to life as a solution to the perplexity that other may encounter.

I suppose that that is one way to approach living. I am not sure that I could embrace it and you have offered me no reason to do so, but we permit witnessing for beliefs in this Forum, so carry on.

I’m with Tom on this one. You seem to be describing apathy more than anything, and there’s an argument to be had for this, but you don’t seem to be making one. I do give you points for at least coming back to define the term when many would have decided the masses are against you so there’s no point in trying. But, now its time to expound on this argument. I know the one I’d make, but this isn’t my thread, yeah?

Well, you just said yourself that you’re “suggesting” things. It’s be more helpful if you state them clearly. As in all forums, but particularly in Great Debates, getting your point across clearly is greatly valued by other members. If someone writes something that resembles lyrics written by from Jimi Hendrix, and people come away with the impression that someone is wishing to be excused while they go “kiss this guy,” then the presumption here is that the fault is with the person who cannot express their views clearly.

There’s only two interpretations of the OP I can figure is that “political celibacy” means (1) to blindly obey power (that bit about duck and cover) and to not really care all that much that the 9-11 attacks killed thousands of Americans (the “ace pilots and boxcutters” bit). If that’s the case, I think “political celibacy” is an affront to democratic societies and basic morality.

Or, the OP means that (2) there is a conspiracy behind everything (TWA 800 and the Magic Bullet) and that political celibacy means that he’s going to stop believing crazy things not supported by hard evidence. In which case I say bravo, the $15 spent on membership has already paid off.

So there’s the debate, I guess.

Thanks. Well, that’s understandable. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the terrible things happening (though I’d say my anxieties are a bit more reality-based than yours), and feel like giving in to apathy. But sometimes I’m shamed by remembering the saying “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. (Edmund Burke, wasn’t it?)

So, I don’t see a debate here; might fit better in IMHO; you could do a poll.