Political Content in FL Pre-K/K Curriculum?

My friend of a friend story this week was about a mother, who is in the 2nd year of her teaching credential program, looking for a school to send her daughter to for pre-K or Kindergarten (my fault that I can’t remember - I was told which one).

Anyway, she’s having trouble finding a school she likes because so many of the schools use a curriculum promoted by the state that includes political messages. The example was that it included things like “Clinton was a cheat and a liar.”

I have trouble imagining that Clinton would ever come up in a pre-K or K class, so what’s the SD on this: true or not?

FL here = Florida, yes?

If so, Florida doesn’t currently have a pre-K, it will start next year, IIRC, and will not have a prescribed curriculum so much as mandated amount of time spent in learning activities, etc. Current schools and licensed daycare facilities are currently registering to become providers for “universal pre-K”.

As for anti-Clinton rhetoric in pre-K or kindergarten, this is the first I’ve heard of it. And as screwed up as Florida’s schools are I’d be EXTREMELY surprised if there were any truth to this on an institutional basis. It’s not as if there are no Democrats left in Florida. We’re just barely Bush here, for the most part, and somewhat divided at the state and federal level (we have one Dem Senator, Bill Nelson, and one Rep, Mel Martinez, for example).

I’d be pretty surprised if it happened anywhere in the US, Florida included. That’s why I asked about it here.

I figured it sounded too far-out to be true, but since I know the people involved, I figured that there would probably be some tiny grain of fact that got blown way out of proportion. Can’t for the life of me figure out what it might have been.

When schools and day-care facilities get licensed, what do they have to do? Could it have been anything that would set off my FOAF?

Here’s a link to the Official Site, including parent and provider applications. I’ll let you wade through it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link!

Jeez… 94 pages for one law. When did things stop being simple? :wink:

As soon as people started being paid by the hour and not the result.