Political correctness - allowing China to dictate what we (Western nations) do or say.

Recently, the NBA issued an apology to China because one of its execs, Daryl Morey, issued a tweet that said, “fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” James Harden, star player for the Houston Rockets, also issued an apology to China on behalf of the matter (even though he himself wasn’t involved.)

More analysis of the overall China situation in this Axios article.

China is trying to take its censorship tactics abroad to stifle criticism and speech of people abroad.

NPR article: How China censors debate in Western democracies - including discussion of possibly removing a Tibetan soccer team from a sports tournament because of fear of offending China. The article mentions how a Chinese official even threatened that the UK would get a less-favorable post-Brexit trade deal with China if it didn’t disinvite Anastasia Lin, a human-rights activist, from a university debate.

SCMP article: Western scholars are self-censoring themselves when writing about China issues.

Springer Nature, a large Western publisher, removed access to hundreds of articles that might offend China.

Nike also pressured into removing sneakers.

Atlantic article: “Hollywood’s Great Leap Backwards on Free Expression”

China is threatening academic freedom abroad. (Additional articles here, here, and here.)
As the Vox article notes, decades ago, the West believed that globalism and modern technology would have the effect of liberalizing China and making it freer - but in fact the opposite has happened: It has allowed China to control non-China nations and make the rest of the world less free.

This trend has been the case for years, and is only worsening. For China to stifle the speech of people within its own borders is one thing - it’s not good, but at least it’s within China - but for Beijing to try to dictate what people in other countries do is quite another. This political correctness is only going to intensify if Western nations/governments don’t draw a line and make it stop.

The Chinese learned capitalism, and are leveraging it to their advantage. It’s up to us to decide whether Chinese money is worth more than our principles. And that’s all it is - money. China cannot actually restrict or punish speech outside its borders.

The NBA’s decision is about greed, if you’re looking for a label. Market share and consumers. There’s lots of dollars to be made in marketing the NBA in and to China. Using the label “political correctness” misses the mark.

This is not about political correctness at all. It’s about the worship of money and greed over freedom. The NBA can eat shit and die as far as I am concerned.

Great thread idea, by the way. I was just reading about this.

I think companies are likely to find out in short order that there’s a significant monetary cost to acceding to Chinese demands, just as there might be in standing up to them. Hopefully they’ll figure this out soon and do the right thing (i.e. stand up to demands of governments that conflict with the principles of free speech).

I wonder if anyone in the NBA corporate leadership thought to themselves, “Well, if the Chinese start killing Hong Kongers, a la Tiananmen Square, those victims aren’t going to watch our games and buy t-shirts. Let’s not stick our neck out too far on behalf of potential non-customers!”

Yeah, double-fuck the NBA. We’ve finally found the sports association that makes the NFL look competent at PR.


Alternatively from “Inglorious Basterds”

That’s a bingo!
It’s just bingo.

This is very much indeed about political correctness. There are three topics that China generally works very hard to stifle any talk about - sometimes dubbed “The three T’s - Tibet, Taiwan and Tienanmen.” (Hong Kong is also now joining that list.) They are, generally, the most politically-incorrect topics that one could talk about within China. Now, it’s not remarkable at all that the CCP would clamp down within its own borders, but when Western companies and governments and scholars bend over backwards to accommodate Beijing on this, that’s caving in to China-PC.

That’s still not PC. It’s simple government censorship.

Blizzard has banned an eSports player and confiscated 1 years worth of their winnings because the player voiced support for Hong Jong. They reportedly also fired two commentators who had interviewed him.

The latest episode ofSouth Park, “Band in China,” took this on. They slam med Disney, the NBA, and Google for “sucking on the warm teat of China.” The Chinese have reportedly banned South Park within their country as a result of this episode.

I’ll second the quibble that this is “PC”. Government censorship is entirely different than PC-ness.

Nothing to do with PC. PC is what conservatives condemn when told not to disparage people who differ from them. This is a dictatorship trying to censor criticism of itself in what used to be a beacon of freedom.

This has been a rare bipartisan issue: Several D’s - Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Brian Schatz, Ron Wyden, and Julian Castro - and R’s - Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rick Scott - have all tweeted against the NBA’s decision.

When one compromises one’s morals for a dollar, that’s greed.

I would hope that most Americans can agree that what the NBA did was shitty and craven.

PC is thought control using mob violence, physical or economic, as the enforcement tool.

What China is doing is called consequences. Should China behave in that fashion? I don’t think we in the west could say otherwise without being hypocritical.

It does anger me that we kowtow to them though.

Surely you can give an example of mob violence used to control speech?

Let’s not let Nike off the hook, either. They cancelled a line of running shoes because China said they had pro-Hong Kong symbols on them.

Berkeley when a speaker that the left wanted to deplatformize was invited. Wherever the ironically named Antifa shows up.