Political Humor with Galatica Goodness

Has this been posted here yet?


Tigh/Roslin 08!


I thought it was funny.

The Tigh-McCain thing has been around for a while - I mentioned it myself in a thread that ran a couple of months ago - and I think that it’s a pretty good gag, mainly because the resemblance goes beyond the physical. Tigh is anger-prone, erratic, driven, and deeply troubled; all characteristics ascribed to McCain at one time or another. I personally love Tigh as a character, but certainly wouldn’t vote for him as president.

As for Palin-Roslin: nah. They do look a bit alike, but Palin hasn’t come close to earning the right to be compared to the incomparable Laura Roslin.

Except for the whole religious wacko thing.

Good gag, Oakminster. I hadn’t seen it before.

I guess that’s why they continue to make both vanilla and chocolate ice cream. :wink:

It works just about as well as the Bush-Chimp thing did.

Well, for McCain at least.