Political Leaning & Number of Bumper Stickers

I’m curious to know how the number of bumper stickers you have on your car correlates to your political leanings (inspired by the poll from Rocket Surgery).

I’m assuming you mean any bumper stickers and not just bumper stickers related to politics.

I put 1-4, though they’re really decals more than bumper stickers, one for undergrad and one for grad school, neither particularly political but I guess you could tell I’m a liberal by the fact that I went to University of Michigan?

I’m a lefty at 4 and holding. (Two stickers and two small magnets.) I have seen other stickers or magnets that I thought would be cool but deliberately avoided them because I don’t want to turn into one of those “bumper sticker people.”

Right, 1 to 4. One “Come to the darkside, we have cookies” sticker, and one UNH magnet which I’m not sure counts.

Left, 1. It says “Well behaved women rarely make history”

Also, I’m a dude.

I have one overtly political bumper sticker, but if you count the above as being indicators of also leaning left, you could say three or four. One Obama sticker, a window decal for the two universities from which I got my undergrad degrees, and (the biggest stretch) a Suicide Girls sticker. SG, especially in the forums, tends to be pretty lefty.

Right, 0.

Left, zero. If someone wants to know about my political and social philosophies, they pretty much have to know me fairly well and want to have a discussion. There’s nothing that fits on a bumper sticker that would adequately express my opinions about almost anything.

Center - 0.

I do not count the mandatory vehicle registration sticker in the windshield.

My general experience is that, if a car has more than, say, five stickers, they will indicate pretty lefty politics about 90% of the time. The remaining 10% are almost always fundys.

I’d say 70-30, but yeah. Coexist and lefty political bumper stickers generally seem to have symbiotic relationship, for example.

Right, two(! canes hockey one, and one Food Bank of N.C. one)

I’m pretty far right (at least in this crowd), and I have none. I decided a long time ago that, for people who agree with me there’s no need to display a slogan; And for those who disagree, it isn’t going to change their mind.

I’m assuming the OP doesn’t wish to include required stickers, such as parking permits, etc.

I used to have an “Evolve” fish, but when I got a new car I never got around to finding more sticky stuff to reattach it. So, currently zero for this leftish lady.

Does my Montreal Canadiens licence plate frame count? It’s not a sticker, and it’s not on a bumper. It’s helped me meet other Canadians on my travels, which is pretty neat.

Looks like this board is overwhelmingly left, although that’s something that’s been obvious for some time.

No bumper stickers on any of the 3 family vehicles. The truck has a magnet reading “I :heart: my granddog” that my daughter got for her dad. The inside back window of my Scion has a Purdue University window sticker. The Sonata has nothing.

I’m in a particularly hispanic area, right on the border; very, very Christian. So there is not a car in the valley without religious stickers. Except ours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Center, 0.

I don’t think I have ever actually seen a bumper sticker.

Libertarian. 1 (and if you saw that one, you’d think I was conservative)

I just don’t do bumper stickers, and I don’t think I have since my very first car. I have plenty of other decoration on and in my vehicle, but bumper stickers tend to be permanent in a way that makes me feel like I’m defacing my car.