Political leanings?

I was wondering if there is a site or something that would have questions( ie Is abortion right? Gun control?) that I could answer and tell me where I am on the politicial scale?

Confusing questions:


Libertarian bent:


It says:
Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -4.38
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -4.21
Anyone able to intrepret those numbers?

You are a good for nothing hippie. :slight_smile:

It means you are on the left economically - favoring more goverment control over economic activity, welfare programs, and when it comes things like most personal choices, you fall on the left - don’t care about homosexuality or drug use. These are just examples, your personal beliefs may vary on certain issues, its just that is what your score would predict.

You are a liberal.


The Pew Research Center has developed a political typology that classiffies Americans into ten groups. To find out where you belong, go to www.pbs.org/timetochoose/quizzes/fit.html, and take the quiz.

The above link won’t work unless you delete the comma at the end of the url.

Hmmm… just as I suspected, I’m a right-leaning libertarian.

Bystander. Typical.

Woo, I’m a Liberal Democrat!

The irony is that, even though I’m not in the states and the thing doesn’t apply to me (for example, both major political parties over there in the States are so far to the right that being asked “which is closer to you” is like being asked “do you feel closer to Europa or Ganymede?”), I am a supporter of the Liberal Democrats over here. Fun.