Politicians consider adding a 'copper' plan to the affordable care act

Scarcity is a real son-of-a-bitch.

There oughta be a law…

If there is one government handout that I could support, it would be to provide a dog to all statists. This could help them to sate their intense desire to control sentient beings.

That’s a nice thought but I think the way to Make America Great Again is to arrange a government handout that would provide each Trump supporter a working brain.

The irony is that these plans are a bigger gift to the insurance companies than the subsidies they allege to replace. They place low caps on everything protecting the insurers from high payouts for the serious illnesses.

Will Farnaby is the reason I would support Serenity Universe colonization plans.

Dropping off people like him with little more than a blanket and a shovel and allowing them to live in their own little paradise with zero government, nor the benefits that come with having a government.

To be sure, I’d go a little farther. Each colonist gets a Duluth Pack, which they can fill with their own clothing and gear, plus a machete and their choice of Axe, Shovel or Pick.

The copper plan covers you if you’re shot by the police, but that’s it.

Nah, it would be bankrupt in a week.

This and this is why politicians cannot reform health care; the money flowing from health are providers and insurance companies is crucial for many politicians go get elected, and the last thing that these groups want is transparency or accountability (note the increase in speding peaking in the 2008-2009 timefrane). The real failing of the Affordable Care Act was while it made insurance available to people who couldn’t afford it or be accepted because of pre-existing conditions (and forced people who didn’t believe they had a need for insurance to participate or suffer tax penalties, which was a legitimate point of contention), it did virtually nothing to control health care costs or force providers to be more transparent. (It did force insurers to disclose more of their restrictions and limitations so at least something was gained.) The notion that health care can be treated like a market-driving commodity is based upon the assumption that consumers can make informed and rational decisions about costs versus benefits, but that is given lie when even most health care practitioners don’t know the costs of tests and procedures they are recommending or medications they are prescribing, and the average consumer does not have the technical knowledge to make an independent assessment of benefit beyond the practicioner’s recommendation.

Just wait until they get down to the die-cast zinc plan. Buy a plan with all the integrity of a ‘78 Nova door handle!


How about a “fuck you” plan? This plan seems really good, but when you get sick, the insurance company goes over your file with a fine toothed comb, and finds out that you failed to declare a mole on your left shoulder, so denies you coverage for your heart attack. “Recision plan” sounded too complicated, so “Fuck You Plan” it is.

Will we get to see a single payer system in the US in our lifetimes? Or will it be up to our grandkids?

Just declare being born as a pre-existing condition. No need for all that expensive file-combing.
The ideal healthcare insurance company would be the CEO, Board of Directors, Sales and Billing.

When you say “provide each Trump supporter a working brain,” you’re talking about the free dog, right?

Sort of like how we could give Republicans a heart by giving them the actual organ that is part of the cardiopulmonary system.

I don’t know. Vermont said they would do it, then backed out.

The problem is health care is now so expensive, nobody wants to implement single payer. That is why Vermont backed out, the taxes were too high. That isn’t an attack on single payer, it is just a sad effect of having the most expensive health system on earth.

The best time to implement single payer was before health care costs skyrocketed. We were spending 6% of GDP in the 1960s, and only about 9% in the early 80s. So doing it in the 60s or 70s would’ve been best.

Now nobody wants to nationalize 18% of the economy.

However, currently the government covers roughly 50-60% of medical spending. Plus single payer is cheaper so that’ll bridge the gap.

So currently California spends ~$400 billion on health care per year. Under single payer that’ll drop to $331 billion. Of that $331, the state, federal, city and county governments are already paying $225 billion for medicaid, medicare, SCHIP, VA, etc, leaving $106 billion in revenue needed. That works out to what, roughly $4000 on average in taxes on each taxpaying person in California assuming 25 million taxpayers? Obviously it won’t be a flat tax like that, generally single payer proposals involve funding via a mix of payroll taxes and progressive income taxes.

But even in deep blue California, they balk at the price tag.

However if California gets single payer, their health care system will have more people than Canada or Australia.

‘Copper’? Politicians are so uncreative. It goes diamond, yellow diamond, gold-pressed latinum, platinum, gold, rose-gold, mica, tungsten, pollonium. Then everyone gets to feel special.

How is that $70 billion in savings achieved?

I ponder this in a thread in IMHO. There’s a surprising number of people who think absolutely no amount of cost increase to the system or decrease in coverage will EVER have ANY effect on government. I am not yet convinced.

I have a “fuck you” plan.

Only in this country.

In other countries, they had the stones to beat that fucker into submission.

In this country, we bend over a table and yell “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

Trouble is, in other countries the rich have a harder time saying “Give me that knee surgery pronto, and if you have to kick that old poor loser out of the cardio unit, then I don’t give a fuck! Here’s the cash!”

Because the rich getting healthcare while the poor die makes the rich feel better. And that’s The American Way. If you are poor, you deserve it because you are lazy, or genetically inferior.

Truly “American exceptionalism” at its finest.