Politics, Fanboys, and the Brain

Apparently some of us aren’t wired up to think about the stuff rationally.

This, I think, can also explain the “gushing fanboy” phenomena where otherwise rational people refuse to admit that their idol (be the idol an actor/singer/writer/director, etc.) might just have been subpar in their latest effort.

Is anyone else upset that they only tested men? And only 30? And how did they decide what constituted “highly critical” and “off the hook?”

Oh no, now I have a mental image of Bush and Kerry being off the hook together. So… Much… Alcohol…

So basically, they’ve proved, (with brain scanning no less,) that people are capable of ‘switching off’ their critical thought processes because of an emotional reaction.

Is anyone else thinking… DUH? :smiley: In other news, the sky is blue during the day if there aren’t any clouds.

I think because there are only 15 hardcore republicans, and 15 hardcore democrats in existence. :slight_smile: