Poll about Sriracha Chili Sauce

For background in this question, please look here .

  1. Have you ever tried this sauce ?

  2. If yes, do you keep it in your home? If no, I highly recommend it. Ther garlic-chili version is also excellent.

I have it at home and demand that the sushi bar put it on everything they make for me.

Yes, and yes.

I much prefer Sriracha to Tabasco, because it’s less vinegary. Ever since I had a very unpleasant experience with gazpacho with too much vinegar and acid reflux, I haven’t been able to tolerate too much vinegar flavor.

I’m not Asian, but I like Asian food, and learned about Sriracha at an Asian (I think it was Thai) restaurant.

I love sriracha, and I use it in place of ketchup some times.

It’s also very good with eggs.

The flavor combination of ginger and sriracha is great on all kinds of things.

This has been a staple in my kitchen for more than 15 years. I don’t put it on sushi so much but for dumplings it’s essential, mixed with hoisin sauce.

Of course I have it. Great stuff.

Mmm…Rooster sauce. I like it on Ramen noodles. It makes a good steak sauce too.

Two bottles, in fact. One half empty, so I got the back-up bottle while shopping yesterday. Can’t run out!

I prefer the “Sambal Oelek”, which is made by the same company (and can be seen under the “products” page on the OP’s link)

It is a bit spicier and has a better flavor, IMO. Still, I’m well acquainted with good ol’ rooster sauce and it makes things like Panda Express almost palatable.

Never heard of it.

I prefer sweet chili sauce instead.

Does this bottle look familiar? It’s often on the table at Asian restaurants. It’s thick and sweet and spicy (consistency is more like ketchup than Tabasco). Good stuff.

I like Dave’s Insanity Sauce’s version of garlic-chile siracha. I use it in place of ketchup on a hamburger, mostly, but also as an ingredient. It’s good in marinades, and it’s not too hot for me (most of the other Dave’s stuff is.)

The name meant nothing to me but the bottle looks familiar. I don’t think I’ve ever tried it; guess I’ll have to now.

An essential ingredient in stir-fry and dozens of other uses. Great on all kinds of stuff.
I prefer the garlic version.

Yes and yes. I use it on everything.

Well, not everything. Ice cream, not so much.

But damn near everything. It’s great in soups, in addition to its more conventional uses.

I’ve been known to use it on bananas. I go through about a bottle a month.

Incredibly funny timing.

We went shopping yesterday afternoon. When I saw it I reminded my husband that we had run out so we bought a bottle.

Then a few hours later we went out for Pho, and loaded our bowls up with the stuff, commenting on how quickly we seem to go through it.

Love it.

Yes and Yes. My son first turned me on to it around five or six years ago. I can’t be without it now. It went from unknown to a staple condiment in a single taste.

I inject it directly into my veins.