Poll about taking the lord's name in vain

Surely, I don’t mind accomodating people’s religious preferences when asked to politely. It’s when I’m told to censor my language for no good reason that I take objection.

There are other words – one in particular – that I don’t sit still for in my house. Too bad we can’t just respect each others taboos without strong-arm tactics and obstinate refusal to cooperate?

Wow, such hostility. So if somebody said “Would you please not say that around me?” you reply with something like “Fuck off Jesus freak!” ?

Yeah, that’s exactly what I would do.:rolleyes:

I think she winced when she heard “goddammit” because of imbedded memories of her mom or dad hitting her as a kid. Or maybe she fits my described example of thinking it will impede her chances of going to heaven.

As a former catholic, who attended catholic school from preschool through high school,
I too was afraid of being sent to a magical hell. Then I grew up. In private catholic school I was never discouraged to dissect the bible, study it’s validity, etc. I later studied mythology, legend and theology.

Majority of people who CLAIM they’re believers only say it, thinking this might somehow fool their omnipotent god into giving them a ticket to paradise. I used to do the same, until I learned.

I honestly do think that the more devout a person, the more ignorance they possess.

Apologies for putting words in your mouth. How would you reply?

True. But isn’t it MY responsibility to reply with, “Jesus never existed”, or “there’s no god, sweetie.” I always add the “sweetie” in my reply to them. In essence, they are children.
What would be offensive about showing this person there’s an alternative?

Basically, if I utter, “Jesus Christ”, and I’m told I’m offending them, please realize that I AM VERY offended that they believe such nonsense. Maybe we can have a truce: I’ll never take your fictitious god’s name in vain, and that person will never mention anything religious around me. Wait-- wasn’t that in the Constitution?

“Sorry, but no.”

On top of that, the “lords name in vain” thing isn’t necessarily even religious, even if it may directly stem from the fact. I know some atheists who were brought up religious. While they stopped believing in their early teens by that point certain taboos like using God in vain were so ingrained it was like dropping “fuck” to them, which some people also can’t handle (though, of course, most people can make exceptions in movies and stuff, and won’t fly off the wall if someone says it). While it is “just a word” and “it seems silly” I consider it just like going over to, say, Greece and being asked not to put your palm outward. I certainly can’t promise it won’t slip, but I wouldn’t deliberately disregard it, which just seems dickish to me, this goes for any word that given person may find taboo (though I suppose if someone followed an obscure religion that loathed the word “and” I may make an exception).

You are right. It is their problem and I think they know that. It’s not as if they have told you that you are headed for hell unless you stop. In this hypothetical, someone politely requested that you not do it in her or his presence. This is one possible solution to the problem. It’s a logical request.

Did I deny that somewhere? It is a logical request, within the context of their upbringing, but that doesn’t mean I have any duty to make concessions.

Sorry, I know this question was posed to Red Barchetta (and, RB see I Love you Man-- there’s a great Rush show at The Avalon in it), but it really depends how people phrase the request. I’m a stickler at English.

If they say, “Don’t take my lord’s name in vain”, I’d be nice.
If they said, “Don’t take THE lord’s name in vain”, I’d start a loud speech, including my disbelief, how I’m offended they even believe and that many other Americans do not think that Jesus is their lord. There are other religions too. I’d probably ask, “Would ‘Fucking Buddha’ appease you?”

True. You don’t have to say (or refrain from saying) anything you don’t want to. I was just explaining the other side.

That’s a bit much, assuming she was abused. I think, for her, it was a little like hearing the word “n*gger”. I was raised Baptist. I don’t mind when people take the lord’s name in vain, really, but a part of my still winces and thinks, “respect!” I can assure you, no one ever abused me. But I feel like they are intensionally showing disrespect, and it bothers me, even as I divorce myself from religion.

Haha, one step ahead of you :slight_smile: Movie was hilariously awesome–the constant Rush drops were great! Thanks for the suggestion though–it’s a movie I almost missed, had my fittingly Canadian friend not informed me of it

Did I say that you denied that? It is a logical request regardless of the context of their upbringing. It is a logical problem solving technique regardless of what offends them. Of course you have the right to be stident and huffy. When you are young sometimes you need to have those moments of rebellion. Sometimes older folks do too.

No, your average citizen can talk religion around you a lot of the time and the Constitution says nothing about it. Are you thinking about government sponsored religious activities?

It seemed implied. I apologize if I misread that.

How do you know what the majority of people think?

I honestly do think that the more devout a person, the more ignorance they possess.

Does that include the Dalai Lama?

Red, it wasn’t implied. Apology accepted, but unnecessary. No problem.

Unless I was in that person’s home, I would not comply. It is not their place to police my use of the word “God.” It’s their religion, not mine. I don’t see it as being any different than “politely” asking me not to eat pork in front of them.

What would you say if you’re a woman and a Muslim “politely” asked you to cover your face in his presence? It’s exactly the same thing. It’s asking someone else to comply with their religious practices. There’s nothing “polite” about it. The fact that people actually think they would be rude NOT to comply says a lot about our culture of religious entitlement and how ingrained it is.

How is it any different from asking someone “politely” not to say the words “God” or “Jesus Christ” at all. What does it mean to use the name “in vain” anyway? As far as I’m concerned, ANY invocation of gods is done in vain.

No, should’ve phrased the constitution thing better…

Yes, you’re right they can spout off whenever they want to. I can say no thank you, not today, or fuck off you stupid christian. In other words, I don’t HAVE to hear it or respect it.

Last year in Van Nuys, CA (little Mexico, as some call it), it was Easter Sunday. On a corner near Van Nuys Bl, there was some tie up at a light. On the corner was a man with one o’ them ancient speakers around his neck with a mike attached. He was spouting in Latin American Spanish about Jesus. With each sentence, I held my horn, drowning out his distorted testimony. He got REAL angry after about five straight minutes of this, dropped his pamphlets and ran towards my car. I rolled down my window and we started arguing (me in English him in Spanish, so it wasn’t really going anywhere :slight_smile: )

A cop on a bicycle saw him run towards me and interceded, pulling the yelling gentleman away. I said, “It’s alright, officer.” He asked me why all the noise with the horn. I said, “I was drowning him out.” He reminded me it was Easter Sunday and I replied with, “So?” He told me to just drive ahead when the lane’s clear. I said thank you. (Thank goodness I wasn’t in Burbank, CA, but there, the only Spanish people allowed are ones cleaning homes.) When I drove off, I did a little polite, donk-donk, with the horn and politely waved to them man who put the mike/speaker back on. He politely waved back too.

So, no fight, no tickets, no harm, no foul to either of us. I just thought if he should witness in public, I should disagree in public.

Diogenes, would you ever ask anyone not to use the word nigger in your presence other than in your home? Would you ever ask anyone not to use the word nigger if it were being used to taunt someone in your presence?