Poll: Basketball Contest - 3 Shots in 60 Seconds for a Prize

If there was a basketball contest and, in order to win a nice prize that you really want, you had to make a foul shot, a 3-point shot, and a half court shot all in 60 seconds, what is the best way to do it to maximize your chances of winning? Do you start with the foul shot first, then the 3 next, then the half court shot? Or, do you do them in reverse order? And what’s your reasoning?

And no, you can’t go and get Steph Curry to take your shots for you.

Foul shot establishes your stroke, so I’d go with that one first.

Sure, go with foul shot - 3 point - half court (and if you’re a pretty decent shot, and luck is with you, at least you can say you made 2 out of 3…)

I was guessing to take the half court shot first, because once you make that, then the other two are pretty makeable. So, spend the most time on the difficult shot first. My guess.

I’d go half-court first so I’d not have to move backwards. Plus my arms would be most fresh.

As already stated, the free throw establishes your stroke. Make the first two in rhythm and you have a better shot from half court.

Easiest to hardest. Making a half court shot would be pure and absolute luck so i would hate to make one and then take too long on the other two.

Plus, I don’t want to be running all over the place retrieving my rebound on the 1/2 court shot the whole time. Those contests rarely feed you the ball. You’re only going to get 1-2 1/2 court shots anyway - best to not look a fool the whole time.

Okay, yeah I suppose easiest to hardest makes the most sense. Establish your rhythm and shot first.

I would go closest to farthest, no so much to set my stroke as to build confidence. The shots are all a bit different mechanically - a foul shot is basically a set shot, the feet never leave the floor; a three point shot is a jump shot with the same arm motion as a foul shot, the release is at the top of the jump; a half court shot is taken either as an underhand (granny) shot or a modified jump shot where you take one (or more) steps, start your initial hand position about waist high for a longer ‘push’ then release the ball on the upward part of the jump.

Even without much practice I shoot 70-80% from the foul line, 30-35% from (college) 3 point range and 10-20% from half court. That means it would generally take me about 9-16 shots to make all three, or about one shot roughly every 4-7 seconds. If I’m rebounding my own shots it’s highly unlikely I would win, if being fed one ball after another it’s doable. Perhaps not likely, but doable.

And we will call you Dr. J!

Free throw first because I’d hate to spend 45 seconds trying to make a half court shot and then have to rush the 3 pointer and free throw. Rather get the “easy” shots out of the way and spend the rest of the time on the half courter.

The only benefit to being the shortest guy on the basketball court is that you get really good at hitting the outside shots!

If you play regularly, the foul shot would be the easiest to make. Do it first, warm up your body, calm your nerves, get into your rhythm.

Three-pointer next, again this is something you should have practiced and be fairly likely to achieve on first try.

Half-court shots are rarely automatic, and most players don’t practice them because your opportunities to make use of one are usually rare (end of quarter, end of game, etc.). You’ll have your best chance of achieving one if you are loose, warmed up, and calm, which you would be with two previous successful shots under your belt. Plus, if you’ve aced the first two, you should have a chance to make at least a few tries to achieve this third shot.