POLL: BCS Final Four Picks, What teams would they be?

Pick 4 only please (wait for Poll)

With the loss of tOSU, the BCS game worked itself to a semi non controversial BCS Game between FSU and Auburn*.

But next season the BCS is going to a FINAL FOUR. What would be the two additional teams in the Final Four.

I think arguments can be made for four teams by their fanbase. (Not that I necessarily agree with those claims). Four One loss teams from the power conferences.

Michigan State
Ohio State

My other two picks for the hypothetical semis would be Sparty and Roll Tide but not 100% absolutely that either team belongs in the top 4.

*Semi-Non controversial Auburn? OK, there will be some Anti-SEC fans who don’t want an SEC in the game and would rather see a one loss Michigan State or a one loss Baylor in the game. That’s another discussion and another thread (I hope).

I think Bama is a no brainier for third. I chose Baylor over Sparty, but I could really go either way for the forth spot.

Those people aren’t paying attention, then.

This is meant to be FSU, right?

Michigan State
Stanford (changed from my poll)

I was talking about 2 of the 4 teams that are not FSU and Auburn that might have a claim for the other two spots.

Going with the “who I would pick” not “who I think it’ll be”, I took:

Michigan State

The last one is the only one I really struggled with. Baylor had a great run and would probably be a close 5 in my poll, but for some reason, I still don’t think they’re as good as their record. I could honestly make a case for either one in the 4 spot, but went with the Spartans over the Bears.

I just can’t read. And I don’t know how I missed not having Auburn in what I thought were your 4.

And that was basically my argument against going to a 4 team playoff rather than a 2 team playoff. Teams are going to get snubbed no matter how big the playoff is.

Personally, I think the system works best with a two team playoff. We could go with hypotheticals until the cows come home, but what if Northern Illinois had won Friday night and been undefeated.

And Clemson had beat South Carolina last week. Two more teams that would have a claim to be in the final 4.

My actual personal preference would be 8** with the following rules: 5 AQ Champs*, any non-AQ Champ ranked in Top12 or higher (based on something like the current BCS formula), at-large as necessary. This year that would give us FSU, Auburn, Michigan St, Stanford, and Baylor with 3 slots left - take Alabama, Stanford, and OSU.

  • Period - but dump AAC first - they’ve been gutted and it’s only going to get worse and give the Big12 3 years to get to 12 and institute a champ game or get cut to the non-AQ pool. That incents the “bubble” schools to get a real 6th conference together with the best of the best not already in
    **Yes, I know what that does to the schedule:
    Cut one regular season game, 11 games (at least 8 must be in-conference, prefer 9).
    Conference Championship, 1 game
    8-team, 1 game
    4-team, 1 game
    2-team (plus maybe some consolation stuff), 1 game
    Total 15 games (but only for the best of the best), everybody else plays 12.

Interesting that the three posters who picked Ohio State did not pick Michigan State.

I am trying to figure out that logic.

Stanford gets two spots in the bracket? That doesn’t seem fair.

I think FSU and Auburn are locks, so we’re really talking about who the other two teams should be. In my book, Bama is #3 and Baylor or Standford is #4. I went with Baylor because Standford wasn’t listed in the poll.

If Ohio State had won yesterday, my final 4 would be FSU, Ohio State, Auburn, and Alabama…and I think we might see an Iron Bowl rematch for the title.

FSU, Auburn, Baylor and Stanfurd – who is playing as well as anyone in the country.

I initially had Bama instead of Baylor, but I have to ding them for not even winning their division, much less their conference.

Stanford was not listed because it has two losses.

But I gave a choice for another team.

Well, yeah. It’s for TV ratings - you wouldn’t understand cause it’s complicated.

Shit. I checked that SO MANY TIMES. So take Alabama and OSU with an at-large remaining. Now we’ve at least moved the argument down to the two-loss schools and frankly, you take two losses you got nothin’ to bitch about when you get left out.

Michigan State
Ohio State
Florida State

You would take two loss Stanford over 1 loss Auburn and 1 loss Alabama? Not much to mention taking the runner up in the Big1$ over the actual winner of the SEC? Dude.

Can’t say that including Ohio State makes sense over Auburn - I’m assuming that’s a mistake. Ignoring a team that didn’t even win their division in favor of a conference winner doesn’t seem like a big slight.

I can’t see putting a team in the Final Four that didn’t win its own conference. That has to mean something. So:

Not impressed with Auburn’s schedule- West Carolina, Arkansas State, Florida Atlantic. The few big wins they had were squeakers. Or Alabama- victors over Chattanooga, Georgia State, and Colorado State. So they pounded points on patsies- color me unimpressed.