Poll Development re: Zombie Calling

Look at how this started. A mod made a request, as a poster, that people should rethink posting Zombie and Braiiiiins in a thread bumped by a noobie. It was just a request.

Another member posts an ATMB thread also asking that the process be stopped. Not by fiat, but by a gentleman’s agreement.

So here’s where it stands.

  1. Some people will agree, posting said comments in a bumped thread is not productive and possibly causes the nooblet to become butthurt.
  2. Some people will do it because “you can’t stop me, I have rights.”
  3. Others have no clue what the fuck a zombie is, or how you spot one.

So, your entire poll is a waste of time. Some will, some won’t, some will do it NOW just to be assholes.

Correct. :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be my choice, but a explanation wouldn’t hurt either.

It will help to gauge the overall consensus. As of now, we have no real way of knowing which way the wind is blowing. All we have been able to establish is that there are intelligent, thoughtful people on each side of the question.

Many of us on different sides feel that"most" or “many” board members will agree with us. The purpose of a poll is to establish whether there is a majority in any category. Which is also why it’s important that all sides feel their opinions have been properly stated.

Oh my sweet Summer child . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is that even important?

Again, what difference does that make? 25 people out of thousands vote and the results are suddenly meaningful?

All you’re doing is continuing to wave your flag over a dead issue.

Really? You’re going to bait posters that much? Won’t write it.

How about a zombie smiley?

OK, I apologize for my part in feeding this tangent. Those who don’t want a poll or want to discuss other aspects of the zombie issue are requested to start their own thread.

Those who have suggestions or feedback regarding the development of this poll are requested to post their ideas here.

Thank you.

Personally, I think zombie references are stupid and it’s extremely rare that they’re funny. IOW not “fine”. But I don’t think they should be banned. I don’t think stupid and unfunny things should be banned. Too subjective.

But I don’t think you necessarily need two separate categories for this. I think “Zombie references should not be banned” can suffice as an option for everyone who thinks they shouldn’t be banned.

Indeed. This is the biggest fucking tempest in a teapot in recent memory, and the SDMB invented tempests AND teapots.

Why do people feel the need to micromanage to this degree?

And TrueCelt. you’ve been here long enough to know that such a poll will immediately get trolled by our resident wiseasses, who are legion. A waste of your time and you will get bad data.

I seriously read this as “necromanage”.

More to the point, there’s no forum where it can go (as I found out to my chagrin a few years back): all MB concerns must go here, so you can’t put it in IMHO say. But the only polls allowed here are test polls. [Yeah it’s a Barber Paradox kind of thing but what can you do]

What is wrong with people just saying “this post is from 2010, and some people are no longer here” instead of BRAIINZ. The latter isn’t clever, at all.

Because some people want to do what they want to do. They know it isnt funny, now they have been called on it, they will do it simply to piss people off.

Moderator Note

There is no need to fill up ATMB with zombie discussion threads. Two threads more than covers it.

Place anything related the potential poll in this thread. Any other discussions should go in the existing zombie discussion thread here:

Please do not start additional threads on this topic.

Moderator Note

Let’s try to restrict this second thread to the poll and not actually discuss the issue here. Comments like this area already being made in the other thread, so please continue any non-poll discussions in that thread and not this one.

Okay, it’s a running joke but those are going to develop in a message board over the years. Zombie jokes are just a means of conveying the message that a new post has revived an old thread. Which, as we have seen, people don’t always notice otherwise.

Why do people say “whoosh” instead of saying “You have failed to see that I was making a joke.”?