Are newbies turned off and never return after reviving old threads and see zombie jokes?

What do you think?

Poll following

I voted ‘pie’. Cause pie is tasty.
But, seriously, I didn’t leave over a joke. I knew exactly what the poster meant when they told me I was reviving a old thread. Isn’t the term zombie used on a lot of boards?
I learned to look at the dates after that. If someone is such a snowflake about a zombie joke they weren’t gonna hang around anyway. IMO.

I voted for the third option, because I think it would be fun to study new members in a laboratory. Hell, there are some current, longtime Dopers who I think should be trapped and studied in a lab.

I personally consider zombie jokes to be utterly inane, but I doubt that anyone is being scared off or offended by them. I’d be more concerned that newbies aren’t coming back because they think we’re a bunch of lame-os.


“Hmmm. Have I stumbled on a message board filled with tedious twits who think they’re funny?”

“And zombie conductors like TRAAAIIINS!!!”

“Yes. Yes, I have.”

There is an add on at the Giraffe Boards for threads that are bumped that haven’t been active in a while. I believe it’s set to a year. A box pops up that says something like “Hey, it has been x days since the last post in this thread. Check this box if you still want to post”. Then they can decide to pass or to post anyway but they’d know what they were doing.

From what I’ve seen, the vast majority make their post and don’t even stick around for replies. I’ll bet few even see the zombie jokes.

I’m sure it does, because I’ve left other forums when the same happened to me. If I go to a new forum to ask a question and the first responses are a bunch of jokes and putdowns, I figure I don’t know the lingo or culture and I move on to someplace else.

I say no, but my personal policy is never to vote in public polls.

I agree. There’s one message board I’m on that rips newcomers to shreds for page after page if they don’t think there are enough "pleases’ and ‘thank yous’ in their OP, even if English is obviously a second language for them.

If the zombie jokes are good I would stick around.

^ ^ ^
| | | This.

Then why did you stick around here?

Most are doing this. They come in to share their valuable insight on whatever it was and leave without ever posting again, or looking at any other topics. Mission Accomplished.

That last option, pie… Is that American cheese pie?

Obviously we should be sending out followup emails to find out why people aren’t returning.

Well that’s just a cheesy remark;)

They might come back if they knew what the default ingredients are on the Subway sandwiches :mad:

Does it match the picture?

The cheese is the wrong color.