Poll: Dishwasher usage

Ads for dishwashers and/or detergents like to imply otherwise. But ultimately it’s just hot water under moderate pressure with detergent contributing some amount of dissolving power. You need to use common sense about the limits of what that can wash. I have both a scrubbing brush and a stainless steel scouring pad at the ready for use when necessary.

No, but I do sometimes open my microfusion reactor during its charging cycle to toss in an orange peel and used coffee grounds. The escaping electrodynamically-charged plasma and high energy gamma radiation burn a bit but as long as you do it before it gets to the Lawson criterion you don’t get enough neutron emissions to do any real genetic damage.

Of course! It is only polite to do that. It isn’t as if the dishwasher is some kind of mindless servant which exists only for the purpose of doing chores that are beneath my station in life. We have an egalitarian household where all appliances are valued as sapient entities deserving of freedom and labor protections. Except that fucking Roomba; it is pure evil in mechanical form, and I get great enjoyment in plugging that thing into a 240V outlet just to watch it jitter and smoke.


The only time I have opened a dishwasher was at my daughter’s house, before I figured out what light indicated it was running. Never for ours.

More than I should, but my parents got our first dishwasher in 1962, and I never have quite trusted them.

I’ve never asked a dishwasher to tackle a three-day-old chili bowl without at least some pre-washing/soaking.

I, for one, welcome our new household appliance overlords.

There are definitely trust issues with those early models. The first one we got in '77 used to sneak the vodka from the liquor cabinet. We had to let it go. Sad.

You are right not to trust them. I have here a list of…fifty-seven dishwasher models that have been or currently are affiliated with the Communist Party!


very rarely do I interrupt it but that is mainly because I set the timer for it to run overnight on the cheap electricity tarifff and set it on the long “eco” setting so it uses less resources, who cares if it runs for nearly 4 hours overnight?

The only time I’ve opening mine while running was when it was making a funny noise because something was misplaced or had shifted. Otherwise, I can wait.

Not ours, but I know for sure that dishwashers from 1953 turned the dishes red. The Nixon model, IIRC. And they refused to testify against other dishwashers.

My dishwasher is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful home appliance I’ve ever known in my life.


Don’t let your blender hear you say that or your next smoothie will contain fingers. Yours.

Ah, but things were different back then. The kitchen was a hotbed of Communism. As Dylan sang in the rare, unpublished first version of his song:

Aunt Jemima was a Russian spy
Betty Crocker
and that Uncle Ben guy
there was only one man
who was a true American
John Cameron Swayzie
I know he wasn’t a commie since he took a lickin’ and kept on tickin’

Hey, anthropomorphizing appliances is hardly unprecedented …

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time…


Have you, at last, no DC setting?

I had never even heard of such behavior before reading the OP.

I’d always had the mindset that once the cycle starts, you don’t bother it or interrupt until all done.

You don’t need to. There is no challenge my dishwasher has not been up to, pre-washing is a waste of water and time. It’s not just low pressure water and soap, the taps also include magic enzymes :sparkles:.

Dishwashers are a great contribution to peace in the household, but for the hairy subject of how to fill them right. There, tensions can erupt. I have learned to look the other way and shut up (see: peace in the household, above) in the face of ignorance of fluid dynamics with age. Mellowing, I am :zipper_mouth_face:

Oh, and I voted YES, though I only do it very occasionally at the beginning of the cycle when I notice I have forgotten something or when the much appreciated servant makes strange noises.

Who are you telling? In the War Between The Sexes, I’m Neville Chamberlain.

As in, you let Germany annex the Sudetenland? I’m unclear on the metaphor here but I sure down’t want to be Bohemian in your household.


Peace in the Household. At least during the day. At night, I was Winston Churchill.

On second thought, make that FDR.

On third thought, please forget I ever brought it up.

My dishwasher gets so annoyed with being opened mid-wash that about half the time I have to cancel and re-start. So I don’t do that unless something is getting whacked by the spray arms.