Poll: Does having sex while you/your partner is menstruating squick you out?

Inspired by this thread: Do you have a EW response to having sex with a woman during her period/while you’re having your period?

Please include your gender and a comment.

I hate polls where the OP doesn’t go first, so here it is:

Female. Love sex when aunt flo is visiting because I just seem to be more sensitive down there and, perhaps ironically, also seem to be more horny. But for some reason the bf’s I’ve had have all been squicked out - not even my increased response could make up for it :wink:

Male, not in the slightest.

Male, I don’t mind. I’d rather she not be on her period, but I can’t really control that. The biggest drawback is that many girls are so self-concious about it, it makes it less fun.

What’s the old saying? Not afraid to swim in the Red River, but not going to drink from it.

No, I’m not afraid of it. I’ve done it in the past, but my current girlfriend isn’t a big fan.

Just to be clear though, I too would rather her NOT be on her period.

I’m male and it doesn’t bother me in the least. My wife will not even consider it, though, so my lack of squickiness is immaterial.

Female here.

  1. It’s a mess that frequently can’t be cleaned up completely.
  2. It’s kind of painful.

We always referred to the aftermath as a “sex crime scene.” I half expected a gum shoe in a fedora to be standing just behind the door…lighting a cigarette…and saying something befitting a 50s pulp fiction novel.


Squick city. Really.

Doesn’t bother either one of us, (I’m the male), but the lack of spontaneity is somewhat of a letdown. “We should go get a towel” doesn’t exactly drive you wild.

Agreed. Was initially openminded on the subject, tried it a few times… looked like we butchered a hog in the bed. Everything also felt odd/achey… not in a good way. No thanks.
Female, 30s.

Male, 30s, and I’m one of the people over in the other thread who probably inspired the OP to open this one.

It really depends. I mean, sex is like pizza, right? When it’s good it’s great, and when it’s bad it’s still pretty good (and some people, apparently, don’t mind it with extra sauce). Generally, I’d rather not. It feels odd - blood is less viscous than a woman’s natural lubricant (or most of the over-the-counter substitutes, for that matter), so it feels to me like having sex underwater, which isn’t very pleasant to me either.

I like sex regardless of the time of month. No squickiness here. My gf does tend to practice her oral skills more though, due to a slight squik on her part. Not that she needs the practice. But who am I to complain? Life is good.

I’m female and major ick. Major yuck. I don’t think he’d really mind, or to be honest, care, but I do. And you know what? I’ve gotten to the age where I realize that’s OK, too.

Female. 31. I don’t mind it but it’s not my favorite. My husband absolutely, positively can’t stand it. We’ve given it the occasional try when we got desperate but it makes him gag a little. He blames it on a wild night he had as a teen when he went home with a girl and (drunkenly and not realizing it) had period sex. He did realize it when he woke up the next morning sticky, stinking and covered from nipple line to knees in dried blood. Too bad he was drunk, sex that leaves a mark like that had to be good.

Female. That’s the time when I’m most horny, but having intercourse during the first two or three days is way too messy. We rely on other methods until those first few days are over.

Female. Husband has no trouble with it, but it’s painful for me so it’s a no-go.

Male. How do I feel about it? Well, I’d be using the projectile vomit smiley if there was one.

Female. It doesn’t bother me at all (well, the first couple of days I feel fat and bloaty and crampy and gross, so that’s not particularly sexy).

BF is a bit squicked out, but he really likes sex so he’s usually willing to grin and bear it.

Female - 26. I like sex on my period, and have pretty light ones so it really isn’t that big a deal. My husband sure as hell doesn’t seem to care either (as long as he doesn’t see any feminine products, I think he’s fine - yeah he’s weird).

Female. Not bothered in the least. I have never encountered a man (romantic or just friends) who was bothered by it.