Poll for college football fans about 2019 College Football National Championship

Aside from people who live in Alabama or South Carolina, does anybody care about the outcome of this game?

I live in Virginia, which is ACC territory with Virginia and Virginia Tech (I think?), and I’m not invested in the result of the game, but I might still watch it. (Frankly, the only football I’m invested in right now is the Colts in the playoffs).

Big Ten fan: I don’t care.

If Clemson wins, someone on Tuesday *may *hear the slight sound of very moderate surprise emanate from my nostril region as I gloss over the headline on the Yahoo! homepage, but even then, I make no guarantee.

Live in SEC territory, want Clemson to win (anyone but Alabama)

I’m only here for the pie.

I’m an FSU alum, so I hate Clemson. I also hate Alabama. I live in Chicago now, I doubt I’ll even watch. I think it’s stupid to drag college football past the start of the NFL playoffs.

Big Ten fan. I hate both teams. I won’t watch, but I hope it’s sloppy as hell and neither team deserves to win. The trouble is, the skids are really greased for each of these teams and despite their cupcake non-conference schedules, each would have to lose two games to miss the playoff, and maybe not even then.

I am mildly interested in the game (enough to watch part of it), and might possibly feel a faint twinge of satisfaction if Famine defeats Pestilence.

I follow the Pac 12 and have no interest in this game. Apparently, I’m not alone on this because last-minute game ticket prices are far below what they were last year. Bay Area college football fans don’t care about a game between two teams from the other end of the continent and the Alabama and Clemson fanbases don’t want to leave the Deep South and travel all the way to Santa Clara, CA. Despite what ESPN has to say, fans outside of Alabama and South Caroline are greeting the match-up with apathy. The only way I could be interested in the game is if I had a lot of money riding on it or was a fantasy college football geek.

I’ in Big Ten territory I and put interested. It’s a mild and vengeful interest.

I would like to see Alabama lose but it’s not about Alabama. I’m a Michigan State grad and am still annoyed at the way Saban left. It wasn’t just “LSU is gonna pay me buttloads more and I can recruit better.” He took some shots about firing talk the year before leaving. It was his fourth year and he’d gone 6-6 without a bowl game. He was a petty ass about it a year later. I’m a petty ass in return. I enjoy seeing teams he coaches lose. That was LSU and is currently Alabama.

Harrumph! Damn straight. The only thing good about when he left was he sent a plane from Baton Rouge to Lansing to pick up any assistants who wanted to join his staff. The plane returned empty. The fucking little twerp couldn’t play in a school that wasn’t interested in giving him perpetual adulation. So he went to LSU, then fucked them over by jumping to the Dolphins. Then he couldn’t cut it in the NFL so he went to Alabama. Most overrated little prick ever.

I’m Big Ten, but fam not interested in Alabama winning it.

I live in South Carolina, and don’t really care who wins. But I will probably watch the game because, based on past results between these two teams, it’s likely to be a good football game.

It is in my nature to root for the underdog. Alabama and Clemson have built teams that are perennial “Overdogs”, so I have no one to root for.

Also, ISTM that schools like this become recruiting magnets which sets up a feedback loop which results in an oversupply of top players at the schools. It would be interesting to understand the true impact of coaching when your whole team, including benchwarmers, are all all-stars. In other words, pull out Saban, and stick some middle range coach in his place and see if they still win everything.

Frankly, it gets boring after a while that a handful of teams are always on top.

As a Nebraska fan, I was always rooting against Alabama, or any team repeating. Only the 1994-1995 Huskers can repeat.

But living in Hawaii, I am pulling bigtime for Tua.

It also doesn’t help if the teams are concentrated in just one part of the country (i.e., the Southeast). When the national championship play-off was set up, it was with the expectation the teams would be geographically balanced so fan interest would be spread out. Unfortunately, the SEC has become so dominant that it’s leaving the other conferences behind save maybe for a few other Deep South teams in the ACC. I just wonder if this keeps up, interest in college football will shrink in other parts of the country until its popularity is mostly limited to the South (including Texas).

I live in Alabama, but I’m an oddity being a Florida State fan and alum.

I don’t care who wins the game, but will be mildly pulling for Clemson just to humble the Bama fans a little bit. They can get pretty obnoxious.

As a Clemson grad, I never thought I would hear the words “perennial overdogs” mentioned with us (with the exception of match-ups against South Carolina).

Despite our recent success, Clemson is still a small school with a small fan base and a small budget.

Alabama is ranked as the #4 most valuable college football team in terms of revenue. Clemson didn’t even make the list.

This isn’t true at all. Sure the SEC had about a 6-8 year run of quasi-dominance, but that’s been over for a couple of years now. Just look at recent bowl results, including this year. In college football, everything goes in cycles.

Alabama will be dominant as long as Saban is there, but the rest of the SEC has been trending down.

I’m not sure the popularity will wane as you describe. Although, ISTM the Pac will always be an afterthought because of their late games that the rest of the country doesn’t watch on TV, so they suffer a bit in the recruiting and coach hiring (and consequently overall performance).

Over time other teams will rise and become powerhouses. But, because schedules are put together so far in advance, and rankings at the end of the season are somewhat weighted on past years performance, it takes a couple of years to really see re-alignment.