Poll For Conservatives

Let’s try to keep this a poll and not a debate, o.k.?

Concerning President Obama: Do you hope that his economic plan succeeds or fails? Why?

I’m really more of a moderate with fiscal conservative leanings.
I hope his plan succeeds. The why should be obvious. Because I want the economy fixed.

I find your question a bit disingenuous. Most conservatives who are against the plan (and I haven’t looked at the details, but I think there is a lot to be against) aren’t against it because they want Obama to fail. They are against it becasue they believe it will not be effective and will ultimately be a waste of money that may actually do more harm than good by prolonging the problem.

Well, I’m a fiscal conservative.

Of course I hope it works, because suffering is bad. I thought the Iraq War was a lousy idea from the start, but I always hoped **it **would turn out well, for the same reason. Isn’t it annoying when conservatives suggest that liberals are hoping that Iraq falls apart so they’ll have something to crow about? There might be a parallel here.

Of course I hope the economy gets saved. I mean, I am living in it.

I may not have voted for him, but I wish all the luck to President Obama.

Fiscal and social conservative.

Of course I hope it succeeds. I don’t want to see the country and it’s citizens suffering. That doesn’t mean I think it’s a good plan.


What everyone else said.

See above. “Hoping” it succeeds is quite different from “thinking” it will succeed.

I have never met or heard from any conservative on the SDMB who hoped Obama’s plans would fail.

I have heard several liberals express the wish that, for instance, the US invasion of Iraq would fail.


Good God, Man: Who wants the economic plan to fail? What sort of idiot would like to see another great depression?

I didn’t vote for this prez, but that doesn’t mean I want him to fail. A successful presidency normally means a successful nation. I want a successful nation.

Yeah, the rest of the planet hopes for a successful nation too.

Just to pile on, here’s a fiscal liberal who’d like to see the economy completely fall apart, so that we might put an end to this “free market” nonsense. (It doesn’t mean anything, I know, and no doubt there’s a corresponding opinion from the right somewhere on the internet. I just couldn’t help myself.)

Expect, no.
Hope, yes.

I hope the economy gets better, regardless of what any plan accomplishes. I don’t want to sound wishy-washy there, but there is a pretty strong chance that the economy will come back without the plan having created that happy result.

That wouldn’t disappoint me. Neither would a recovery created by a plan. I don’t want us to remain in an economic funk, though, and don’t know many people who do.

I’m guessing the OP brought this up because of the recent hooplah over Rush Limbaugh publicly saying he hopes Obama fails. Saying that many people think that but are afraid to say it because then they’d be considered ‘racists’, or something like that. I can’t remember his exact words.

How to put this?

I hope it fails, just so everyone can see what a bad bill it is. Stuffed full of pork projects and sneaky little heathcare nationalization amendments with not a lot to help the economy with tax cuts.

So, while I think Congress will pass it and Obama will sign it into law, I think it’s more of a power grab than an actual assist to the economy. And I hope it blows up in their face, just in time for the 2010 elections. Just look at the stock market…investors are not exactly falling all over themselves with glee at this bill.

And, Angel, you’re taking Rush out of context. He said If his plans are socialist, he hopes Obama fails.

No, he said that he knew what Obama’s priorities were, and that he hoped Obama would fail. Rush assumes all Democrats are socialists anyway.

I certainly hope that Obama can direct this country in a way that helps turn the economy around for the better. Given that, I hope this bill is exposed for the pork-riddled liberal wishlist boondoggle that it is. If the bill fails to set things right, perhaps the President and Congress can re-think things and come up with a true stimulus package. Or targeted tweaks that might do some good.

I think *that *would be best for the country and I hope we get that–regardless whose name or party is behind it.

I’m not a conservative or a liberal. But I live in the United States. Every time we elect a new President, I hope he’s the next guy we’re going to put on Mt Rushmore. I hope every President will do a great job. Even if I didn’t vote for him, I hope he’ll prove me wrong.

Fiscal Con, Social Libertarian here.

70% of me hopes that it works and our economy gets going.
30% of me is worried about that, since it would give credibility towards a centrally planned economy and could result in more government intrusion into the marketplace.

I hope it succeeds. If it fails, people won’t say, “Expanding the government didn’t work out so well, so let’s roll it back.” They’ll say, “Times still suck, so we need even more government.”

They voted on it without reading it.
Hell, I refinanced my house last year and read every little line!!