Poll: Greatest distance marked on a road sign?

I’ve heard that there is a sign in St John’s NF, at one end of the Trans-Canada Highway, saying “Vancouver BC, 7100 km”, and likewise a sign in Victoria BC saying “St Johns NF 7100 km”. I don’t know whether this is true.

I seem to remember a sign saying “Thunder Bay 690 km” on Highway 17 just north of Sault Ste Marie, ON, but I’m not certain of this.

What’s the greatest distance you’ve seen marked on a road sign?

I don’t suppose we’re allowed to count “MASH” . . . where there are signs for things 5,000 miles away.

I was thinking, official distance signs along the highway only. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if that trans-Canadian one is true or not, but I personally have driven past the sign on US Highway 50 indicating “Ocean City, MD – 3073 miles” in Sacramento, California. Reportedly Ocean City has one as well. Scarily enough, there’s a website devoted to this stretch of concretewith a photo of the sign (at the very bottom of the page).

3073 mi. = about 5000 km so it’d be shorter than the reported Canadian sign’s distance. As for signs that aren’t just between sister cities, I’ve seen signs on I-5 of fairly long distances, such as “Los Angeles 384 miles” or “Portland 650 miles”.

Once while driving through Texas near Texarkana, I saw a mileage sign that included

“El Paso - 989 miles”

That’s gotta be an in-state record. Then again, I’ll bet some stretches of the Alaskan highway are longer.

The longest I’ve seen was a sign in California indicating that Sacramento is 30 or so miles away and Portland, Ore., is 600-something.

Well, there was no mileage, and even if there were I don’t think it’d win, but somewhere near Stockton (northern CA), there’s a sign that says “Los Angeles, next left” as if it’s just around the corner. It’s really a sign for I-5 that does go to LA. It’s on the way back from my grandparents’ house, and it cracks me up every time I see it.

When you’re leaving Ocean City, MD (popular tourist spot for Marylanders) via Rt. 50, there’s a sign that says, “Sacramento, CA, 3500 miles.” (I could be wrong on the mileage. Maybe it’s 3000 miles). My best buddy Susann has a picture of a sign in Sacramento, on Rt. 50, that says, “Ocean City, MD, 3500 miles.”

Pretty cool, eh? I always want to keep driving. :slight_smile:

This is probably because Rt 50 starts on the Eastern Shore, and ends in Sacramento. I learnt this fact one day while driving on said road, across the Bay. My passenger and I got to talking that 50 goes through downtown DC and is a main road in Virginia. Then, he looked at my handy-dandy Rand McNally mapbook and followed 50 all the way across the country.

Alas, it didn’t make it to San Francisco, but ended in Sacramento.

It’s one of the longest roads in the country, certainly for a non-Interstate (I-90, from Seattle to Boston, I think, wins that competition). US-40 only heads to Kansas, but US-20 parallels I-10 most of the way from Jacksonville, Florida to Los Angeles, CA. I know this because I’ve driven I-10 all the way from Florida to LA. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it used to be that while driving down I-95 from Washington to Richmond, VA, you’d see a sign specifying that thru-traffic should bypass Richmond on I-295. It did so by saying that I-295 goes to Rocky Mount, NC and Miami. I discovered this while driving from Washington to Ft. Lauderdale (a scant 20 miles north of Miami) and laughed. I didn’t see the next Miami sign until well into Florida, 800 miles later.