Poll: Help me decide which Academy Award nominated films to watch (not just Best Picture)

The Blind Side
Bright Star
Coco before Chanel
Crazy Heart
District 9
Il Divo
An Education
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Hurt Locker
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
In the Loop
Inglourious Basterds
Julie & Julia
The Last Station
The Lovely Bones
The Messenger
The Milk of Sorrow (La Teta Asustada)
Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire
The Princess and the Frog
A Prophet (Un Prophete)
The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos)
The Secret of the Kells
A Serious Man
Sherlock Holmes
A Single Man
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Up in the Air
The White Ribbon (Das Weisse Band)
The Young Victoria

I actually like most of these sorts of movies, but tend to be about a year behind in my watching patterns. Tried to cast a broad net, these include most every nominated film save documentaries and shorts. If you’d highly recommend anything else please feel free to write it in and make a case.

Transformers might just be the worst movie I’ve ever watched the first 15 minutes of. Stay far, far away from that one.

District 9, while not for all tastes, was excellent. And you’ll probably enjoy The Hurt Locker and Inglorius Basterds.

I highly recommend District 9 and Inglorious Basterds.

Since you got in before the poll, Stephe, just to let you know those sentiments are pretty close on to what I’d say - there are a few others that I’d normally not watch, but the three you mention are already atop my NetFlix queue.

From a female point of view: An Education and Young Victoria are both excellent – the latter is definitely a chick flick though.

Umm, Avatar?

Yeah, I left out the two nominated movies that I’ve seen. That was in the OP at one point, but I inadvertently edited it out. Also left out/ have seen Star Trek, which I think got a couple of nominations for things like special effects and editing. Those were both big budget, blockbuster type movies which I took one or the other of my kids to see. Liked them both, but wouldn’t vote for either for best picture.

In addition to the Best Picture nominees, I enjoyed Crazy Heart (especially for Jeff Bridge’s performance) and Coraline.

I saw Princess and the Frog, and while the songs were fun, the movie itself didn’t really distinguish itself from the rest of the Disney canon. It’s no Little Mermaid.

I voted for the only ones I’ve actually seen – Up, Hurt Locker, District 9 – but I’d have recommended them even if they hadn’t been nominated.

I voted other because I wanted to at least get a nod in for The Cove.

I voted for my Top 12

Don’t miss The Hurt Locker. I’m not much for war movies but this one’s a truly great one.

This was an incredible year for animated films. “Up,” “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” and “Coraline” all feature stunning visuals (each in very different ways) and are built around clever, character-driven stories driven by fabulous voice acting. Definitely should not miss any of those three - in any other year, any one of them would be a shoo-in for the Oscar.

Also heartily recommend “District 9,” one of the best works of political allegory in quite a long time. I haven’t had the chance to see “In the Loop” yet, but I’ve heard great things about it.

I actually voted for just about all of them (no Invictus or Transformers) because you foolishly allowed me to vote for as many as I wanted. Give me an inch…

If I could choose only one that’s reasonable, I’d have voted for Inglorious Basterds. Two, Basterds and A Serious Man. Three, those two and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Four, those and The Hurt Locker.Five, those and Fantastic Mr. Fox. It’s SO hard to choose because most of those films are truly excellent.

If you want to have seen the Best Picture winner, go for Basterds and The Hurt Locker. It’s between those and Avatar. One of the three will win. However, if there’s a surprise win, it’ll be either Up In the Air or A Serious Man.

Wishy-washy, aren’t I? It’s just that this year, there really is no front runner, which is refreshing. For the first time in a long time, Best Picture is up for grabs. Whatever wins, people will say “Oh course I knew that would win.” Bullshit. They may have thought it would win, but they didn’t know it would win.

As a warning, I have heard from several of my friends that ‘The Lovely Bones’ was truly horrible.
Jackson butchered the direction and even good actors couldn’t save the dialog.
That is unfortunate because the novel was quite good.

ETA: The only one on the list that I have seen and liked was ‘District 9’.
Not your usual SF film.

Interestingly, two people did vote for it; so far there is only one film with no votes. I’d never even heard of it until today.

Well, I’ll watch more than just a couple of these, maybe eventually most of them, so it’s more a way to put them in order than to weed them out. So I wanted people to be able to vote for all of the films they’d recommend. And I made the poll public to allow to see if someone just voted for them all or just voted for Transformers or something like that. Plus I might give more weight to some votes than others, particularly if I find their tastes run similar, etc. And of course it’s always informative to see what ArchiveGuy’s opinions are.

Transformers is truly the worst big budget movie of all time. It’s not just that it’s bad. It’s not just that it’s incoherent. It’s not just that it’s the worst-edited movie ever of this ilk in the past 30 years. It’s not for the embarrassingly idiotic “comedic” episode of the Mom eating pot brownies. It’s not for the noise.

It’s for all that, and so much more. Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen is truly the (current) nadir of big budget action flicks.

In many ways, Bey is the anti James Cameron.

Watched* Inglorious Basterds *on the weekend. Didn’t think it deserved Best Picture, but loved the performance by Colonel “Jewhunter” Landa. Was delighted to see this morning that he won the best supporting actor award for it.

Next on the NetFlix queue are Hurt Locker, A Serious Man, District 9, Up, An Education, Up in the Air and Precious (in that order, currently - the last three are not yet released on DVD but will release today or tomorrow). I will add several more based on the results here.



That’s a perfect ordering, let us know what you think. I was so happy for Christoph Waltz too.