Poll - key words in program/film descriptions that make you not want to watch

I find I won’t tun into a TV show or watch a movie if it has any of these key words in the listing or ad:

amnesia/ repressed memory

time travel




mob/ gang/ drug deal




missing child
The first group annoy me because they all seem to be plot gimmicks that allow for anything at all to happen. If you need a new character, or someone to do something out of character, or a savior to end the dilemma, it just pops up.
What they call in Greek tragedies “Deus ex Machina”

And the last three just fill their time slot with “waiting tension”. Seen it. Don’t need to see it again.

How about you?

“A Golan-Globus production”

“Very Special”

“Pauly Shore”

" Based on a true story "

Anything with a title like : " * word* : The * word* Story "

…evil twin…

…starring rap artist ____…

…ripped from the headlines…

…wholesome family film about…

…based on the tv series…

…a remake of the classic…

…starring [Pauly Shore/Sly Stallone/Richard Dryfus/Martin Short/Carrot Top]…

…straight to video release…

Dammit Ethilrist, you stole my answer.

Adam Sandler

Rob Schneider






reality TV
Star Search
the next big… whatever

add me to the Anti-Pauly Shore fan club
Adrienne Barbeau
Pamela Anderson

“In a world…”



I don’t feel like shelling out 20 bucks harrowed and wrenched (with popcorn and a large Diet Coke.)

“Famous roles”
“Reality” anything
“Aprentice” anything
“Critics rate it highly”
Number with a “th” making it the “5th” or “6th” or “700th” of anything.
“Alien” The screen will be dark 75% of the show.
“Women” or “Girls” and “get” anything.
“Secretly Filmed”

That was mine. I once heard an ad that said, and I quote: “It doesn’t get any more ripped from the headlines than this.”

Then I guess my script about the ghost of a UFO alien sending an angel back in time to rescue a comatose missing child held hostage by the Mob and recover her repressed memories is right out?

Any sci-fi movie or book that has the word “ancient artifact” anywhere in the blurb.

“From the director/writer/producer of …”

The producer/money guy’s name is in the title.

Sequels are bad enough, but when there’s a “:”-phrase after the number…

"They <did something bad> to the wrong guy.