Poll: Language Barriers in America on the Rise?

How many Dopers live in the United States and have English either as a second language or do not know English?

I live in Central and South Florida and I am astounded at how many people do speak English but with whom it is still hard to get quick, concise answers in return to a quick question of mine. Now, I am a very tolerant person, especially in this situation. I don’t expect everyone to be as fluent as I… I admire anyone who can speak 2 or more languages. But the lack of communication actually seems to be getting out of hand within the past few years. It’s seems to be getting to the point where the average person I need to speak with in my lawn business cannot react properly to what I say. Be it Jewish (Hebrew), spanish, chinese, french, arabic, ect. it’s pretty draining to communicate detailed thoughts with these people and it’s growing more prevalent. This is my experience in my area.

Anyways, this is primarily a poll, but also a discussion on the language barriers in America today and if it affects your life and to what degree. I am curious if anyone else is starting to see this communication problem on this rise. I am also curious what the people on the other side of the coin are thinking as well.

I live in the United States and do not speak a word of English. This is quite unusual because I have lived here all my life and was raised by parents who spoke only English. For some reason I can only write and speak Hungarian. Go figure.

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Seriously, though, language barriers seem to be becoming a problem in my area, too. Many of my coworkers are from the Phillippines and various parts of Asia. Many of them have learned enough to get through the job, but it seems that some of my newer coworkers, who’ve just recently come into the US, don’t understand much at all. Makes working together difficult, and as some of the worst ones rely on the rest of us for guidance, it only causes irritation and frustration.

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