Poll: Link to a movie/tv show -IMDB or Wikipedia

If someone links to a movie/tv show that you are planning to see, where do you prefer them to link to?

  • IMDB
  • Wikipedia
  • I could care less
  • I couldn’t care less

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For me, it’s IMDB, even with their new look, which I don’t like. Linking to a Wiki article has the whole plot you have to skip over to see the cast, which risks spoilers. Also, since I know the names of very few actors, I prefer the photos alongside the names so I know who is who.

Twenty years here and this is my first poll because I was waiting for a very important question that begged to be answered by a poll.

Edit: damn, I didn’t know about the alphabetizing, it looked better my way.

If I’m looking up a movie or TV show, I generally want to see plot, performers and production information. Wikipedia has those all on one page and in IMDb I have to click back and forth.

I almost never care about spoilers and on the rare occasion that I did want to avoid them, I’d probably avoid looking up movie information altogether.

I do both now, but Wikipedia has gradually become my first place to go.

Still visit the IMDB almost every day, though.

Strong preference for Wikipedia. Putting aside the amount of info on either, the IMDB has an agressively user-unfriendly layout.

I don’t want spoilers at all, so the short description on IMDB is the perfect amount of info for me.

From the Movies You’ve Seen Recently thread, I notice you watch a lot of movies compared to me. Do you generally read the entire Wiki page before watching a movie?

Yes, the last “improvement” really irks me. Call me lazy as I know it only takes one click to get to the place I want to be, but it’s still irritating. I don’t like reading sites that have a black background. I should google and find out if I can change it back to a white background.

I prefer Wikipedia because they don’t object to people deep linking (not that I’ve heard IMDB objects but some sites did in the past). Although I agree that the plot description can spoil things for the reader.

Wiki. It’s just a better layout.

It generally doesn’t have spoilers in the first paragraph so that’s not a problem. It also has links to the imdb in it, whereas IMDB doesn’t do it the other way round.

IMDB still has info that Wiki doesn’t have, stuff like the soundtrack, and I trust it more for the spelling of character names. It’s a shame that, in their understandable efforts to monetise the site, they’ve made it less readable for casual users.

For a show I’m planning on seeing? Doesn’t matter, cause I’m not looking that up online.

For information about something I’ve watched? IMBD always.

That’s usually what I do when someone posts a Wiki link - go to the IMDB link to look at that.

As I said above, I don’t know many actors by name so I liked that IMDB had pictures of the actors alongside the names. That used to be front and center when you looked up a movie. I can still get to the page I want that lists the entire cast but I have to click thru to get to it. The new design is totally off-putting to me. Black background is never good for a site that you need to read. I don’t care what color of font you use, I find it hard to read on a black background.

I understand Wiki’s photo policy, it’s just that, for me photos for actors are a big plus. If I wanted to check a plot point for a movie I already watched, it’s Wiki all the way. They just have more in depth info.

Since many movies are brought to my attention by things like reading about them on this board, I find the short synopsis IMDB uses to be helpful. I don’t think I have seen an ad or a trailer for a movie in 30+ years.

If I’m looking up cast, IMDB. If I need something about the plot, Wiki.

I didn’t even know that was a thing anymore. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen hot linking mentioned.

I like justwatch.com They don’t give away the plot and they tell you where it’s streaming. IMDb doesn’t usually give the whole list of streaming places.

Congrats! Many more polls to come.

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