Poll: Mitt Romothra vs. Barack Obazilla?

For reasons too silly to describe here I was recently thrust into a conversation, the point of which was to suss out the truth of this matter of grave import:

If we are ever to successfully cast the current national political contest in terms of a Japanese monster movie, we really need to know which candidate is Godzilla and which is Mothra.
…and that’s pretty much it. So, who is who? Feel free to pontificate on your rationale but please begin your post with a clear answer to this most important and painfully relevant question. Also, don’t argue with people or do anything to otherwise annoy the mods and/or get this thread moved if you can help it.

I’m going to carefully ignore the question, and suggest that Obama = Son Goku, and Romney = Vegeta.


Romney = Pirate
Obama = Ninja

You can work out the rest of the math from there.

Reminds me of National Funk Congress Deadlocked On Get Up/Get Down Issue.

Romney’s more of a Ghidorah, I’d say: faces every direction at once, and is the catalyst for the formation of an unlikely alliance of otherwise-enemies.

I saw some obscure news item a few days ago, that His Dishonest Corruptness Karl Rove has been speaking up, offering his usual nefarious advice to Romney. (Blissfully, I didn’t bookmark it, and NO, I’m not going to search it up just to give a cite here.)

So Cthulhu isn’t far away, and he’s stirring from his dreaming sleeping.