POLL: much to you expect to donate politically in 2020

  • $0
  • $1-50
  • $50-100
  • $100-250
  • $250-500
  • $500-$1000
  • $1000-$2000
  • $2000-$2800
  • $2800-$5000
  • $5000-$10000
  • $1000-$35500
  • $35500-$106,500
  • $106,500+

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Based on contribution limits laid out here. Your vote is for total contributions to all candidates, campaign committees in 2020.

I voted $1000-$2000. $500 to Biden, $500 to DSCC, $100 to Warren’s campaign during the primaries.

I’ve already given over $1500 to Biden, $1,500 to Jay Inslee (for Gov.) and $750 to a friend of mine running for state rep. I have also contributed to Senate campaigns in AZ, MT, KY, CO, ME, and NC.

The only time I’ve ever donated was in 2012. I don’t plan on doing so for quite a while to come.

Not a cent, ever.

Campaign finance is a terrible, corrupt, broken system and I have much better things to do with my money.

Well, I hope you don’t ever expect to be nominated Ambassador to Sweden.

Donations to:

  • Biden

  • Dem state parties in MI, AZ, NC, GA & FL

  • Dem Senate candidates in KY, SC, MT & ME

  • The Dem candidate running for Congress in my district

Money is too tight this year to allow me to help. I have given to Obama in the past.

I think around $600-650 so far, and I’m figuring on another $200 or $300 by the time the election rolls around. Not quite my full stimulus check, but close. I like betting on a lot of horses (it makes election night exciting), so that’s spread across 22 candidates – pretty much every competitive Senate race except the Georgia special election where we’re still waiting to find out who wins the primary, plus Biden, eight candidates for Congress, and some random dude who lost a special election for the Pennsylvania state legislature. (I think I donated to him because he was a professor and I like to encourage fellow academics to run for office, but in retrospect, this may be my second-dumbest donation this cycle, after our local Congressional candidate who was a VERY poor fit for the district to begin with, and then it turned out she can’t be bothered to campaign. Come to think of it, she’s also a professor. I may need to tweak my donation algorithm…)

The money it costs in this country to run for office is prohibitive to most people who may consider running. I will not contribute to such a fucked up system. I will vote, but I will keep my wallet away from the campaigns.

Given we’re currently at 48% saying “zero,” and this group trends older and probably wealthier than the public at large, I started to wonder what the overall percentage of voters who donate is.

Some interesting facts.

The Pew Research Center analyzed data from a major election survey called the American National Election Studies. That data showed about 12% of Americans said they gave to candidates in 2016, 9% gave to parties and 5% gave to other groups.

The Center for Responsive Politics found that a tiny share of Americans make federal donations of more than $200. In 2016 about a half-percent — 0.52% — of the U.S. population donated $200 or more to political candidates, parties or political action committees. Overall, about two-thirds of the value of donations come from donations of $200 and above, and one-third come from donations that are smaller.

This seems like a better fit for politics and elections. Moved.

As I noted in another thread, I made my first ever political donation this year, to the Biden campaign. It was only $5, but it’s been a weird year, financially speaking. I may contribute again

WTF? Why would I donate money to people who are worth hundreds of times what I am worth, and who only stand to get vastly richer if they win? (and only somewhat richer if they lose). Screw 'em all.

ETA: They should be competing on the strength of their ideas, not on the saturation of their media campaigns. Donations only subvert the system…

I came pretty close to maxing out to Pete, let’s call it $2500 and then about $500 to others

I’ve given at least a hundred dollars to, I think, every Senate Dem in a winnable race. I have also donated several hundred to the Biden campaign already, and will almost certainly give more down the homestretch. I’m also giving to a local judicial candidate who I strongly support.

Well, Trump promised to self-fund his campaign, but most people want to run a campaign and not spend all of their savings. There are a lot of things wrong with the campaign finance system, I’ll grant you that, but having supporters chip in and help seems a lot better than making the candidates rely on huge corporate bribes in the form of PACS.

@squeegee, You have a typo in the poll: $1000-$35500 should be $10000-$35500.

As for people who don’t want to donate: I hear what you’re saying and I agree that the system needs correction.

Doesn’t matter. This is the system we have now. The combined efforts of millions of small donors equals hundreds of millions of dollars that are absolutely essential to defeating Trump and taking back the Senate. Over the next two months literally nothing is more important. We won’t get a COVID vaccine in two months, we won’t solve global warming in two months, we won’t end systemic racism in two months. But in two months we can take down the right and make the country fit to live in.

You can help with in kind efforts rather than mere money, but you can’t stand on the sidelines and let others do the necessary work. The country is on fire and you’re refusing to lift a hose. If not now, when?

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