Poll: Nearly Half of Pubs Would Support Postponing 2020 Election

According to this article:

I find this very disturbing.

Why do so many Republicans believe Loser Donald won the popular vote? What evidence are they basing this belief on?

I wonder if they survey had asked whether they would support postponing the 2018 election if as many would have said yes.

I’m not a republican, but my first answer would be that if you polled any set of people, getting 50% of them to agree to something idiotic is not hard.

If a Loser beat Hillary, does that make her a Super Loser ?
Speculating on an event 3 years in the future is always profitable.

I’m not a Republican either but when a large enough number of them seem to support something this radical, waving off the results with a generic “it doesn’t mean anything” doesn’t pass muster.

That poll didn’t happen 3 years in the future. Care to comment on what that large a group of Republics apparently wants to happen, and/or whether you share the same views?

Meh. Only 1325 people were polled. 650 of them would agree with postponing the election. Terrifying, but hardly half of all Republicans.

At what point in time do you think a poll starts to become meaningful? Do polls conducted now for the 2018 election have any validity in your mind?

I found this poll (which admittedly is somewhat flawed) to be disturbing not because it said that in 3 years if given the choice some people might think that postponing the election is a good thing, but because so many apparently think that the 2016 election included so many fraudulent votes that postponing the 2020 election might be a good thing to do.

Suppose people started saying seriously that there was sufficient voter fraud in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan that Trump not have taken those states and Clinton would have been elected. Would Democrats then say that we should postpone the 2020 election until we clear up all this election fraud? Obviously not, because doing so would guarantee that the Dem nom would have no chance of being elected in 2020.

Suppose Loser Don was a very popular POTUS so that his reelection was practically guaranteed. Would so many Pubs be willing to give their rights to prevent the voter fraud that they (despite all evidence to the contrary) believe occurred from happening again? Suppose the Dems manage to win back the House in 2018 – would their answer be the same?

How far are we as a people willing to go in giving up our rights to assure that the person we prefer gets elected?

All polling works like that. Do you think there is ever a poll where all 300M Americans are asked to respond?

Around 10+% of either party are filled with voters as dumb as a bag of shit. Another 10-20% are either trolling or responding in a kneejerk partisan manner.

Could you please quit saying “Loser Donald”? It’s incredibly lame.

Not a complete excuse but this does sound like a bit of a push poll. I wouldn’t be surprised if a clever pollster could gin up similar numbers of Dems willing to invalidate the last election.

They mention in their description of their methodology that they recruited the Republicans being polled from some online Quantrics group. I have never heard of that organization - is it equivalent to Gallup or something like that? From some superficial Googling it sounds more like a focus group than a random poll.


That may be a focus group company that sold them a list of Republicans but I don’t see how that makes this a focus group study. They asked republicans a series of questions, how is that not a poll?

I don’t know. Is it really that radical? Is there a similar poll data from a similar demographic asking self-identified Democrats who are online responders if, say, there was rampant election fraud in the 2000 election and maybe asking if they felt the 2012 election should be postponed in light of events? I wouldn’t be surprised if a certain demographic in the Democrat party felt such a postponing would be justified to keep those dirty Republican so an so’s from stealing the next election.

Of course, they would be just as idiotic, but this is the kind of poll I don’t really see the value in, nor does it fill me with fear that the majority of Americans (or even the majority of either party) wants to toss out the system and Constitution and make their guy Leader for Life(arr). I wasn’t fretting when the Republicans were worried about Obama becoming the dictator, or when the Democrats were worried GW was going to do a military coup, and I’m not particularly worried by this either. YMMV of course. Perhaps if I see other groups replicate the results with other polling groups (perhaps those not self-identified from some online group) I’ll change that, but from this one poll? Meh.

How about “Not Even Close To Winning” Trump?

We can call it a poll if you like, but the article claims -

based on this poll/focus group/poll of a focus group/whatever. It does not appear at this point that this rather bold claim is backed up by anything substantive. For that, one would need a representative sample, and I don’t see that, at least not yet.


I dislike The Donald as much as anyone, but last time I checked he is actually the president. He DID win the election. This is the sad reality we all have to live with, hopefully for 3.5 years or less. He didn’t win the popular vote, but, again, last time I checked the popular vote is meaningless in our system and is only used usually by the party who lost the election to prove their guy or gal was really The Winnah!!

This is a behavior I’ve noticed repeatedly. Many Republicans seem more obsessed in gloating that THEY won and the ‘libtards’ lost. I don’t think there are but a small number of very low information voters that seriously think the Trump won the popular vote, but a lot of them like to troll by repeating Trump’s boasting.

There probably are a greater number of Trump voters who do think that voter fraud is rampant. They see places like California as filled with minorities and they must be ‘illegals’

I wasn’t referring to the popular vote, I was referring to the utter clusterfuck that is his Administration.
He’s either done a complete about face or has failed at almost everything he promised.
He’s knows nothing about the job he’s trying to bluster his way through and it’s transparent to the whole world.

The point of bringing up the popular vote is to remind the idiot that he does not have an overwhelming mandate to fuck up the country and that his victory was the result of a weirdness in the Electoral College system that occasionally occurs.

Well, I agree. But I doubt his followers (or the man himself) does, so kind of seems like a waste of breath. He and his followers are convinced he’s doing a fine job and are convinced that he won the popular vote as well as the EC vote, which is both wrong and silly since it doesn’t actually matter. It won’t matter in the next election either if he loses the popular vote (again) while winning the EC vote. Hopefully, all those who were stupidly so opposed to Hillary that they stayed home are now so horrified that they will get off their asses and vote this fool out of office.

Slightly lamer because it’s just as dumb but wordier.

Face it. He’s rich, has a hot ex-model wife and is the goddamn POTUS. If that’s losing then I never want to win again. It is possible to hate the guy without being an idiot about it. I’m doing right now, in fact.