Poll: What channel is TBS on your cable system?

I don’t watch much TBS this time of year (no Braves games), but I was flipping through the channels recently and noticed that their little on-screen logo (or “bug”) has changed. It no longer just says “Superstation,” but now also has as part of its design the number “24.” Coincidentally (or perhaps not), TBS recently moved from channel 21 to channel 24 on my cable system. This has left me curious to know if TBS is now channel 24 on many systems.

It also begins to dawn on my that my user name will soon be inexorably linked to the number 24 in much the same way Mickey Mantle’s name is linked to the number 7, but I digress.

I’m old enough and have had cable TV long enough to remember when TBS still identified itself as Channel 17 WTBS from Atlanta, so this is one part idle curiosity. But I also know that TBS is owned by the same corporation that owns my cable system (TimeWarner), so I’m also not-so-idly curious to know if this is an effort of some kind at national branding.

So, if you don’t mind, please reply with your cable system (TimeWarner, Comcast, Cox, etc.) and what channel TBS occupies. Thanks!

Satellite subscribers are welcome to respond, but my experience has been that satellite channels start well into the hundreds. :slight_smile:

Comcast: 69

I remember WTBS as well…it was a new and exciting channel when we got it in Chattanooga.

But here, it’s channel 34, on Comcast.

Channel 28 on CableOne.

Comcast Jacksonville - 17

It was 17 for years and years on Cox/OKC, but it recently switched to 62, trading with PAX. I regret the change; the reception on 62 sucks, even for cable.

Comcast - Lexington, KY - 18

47 on Access in Saskatchewan

Cablevision of Connecticut currently has TBS on channel 39. However, it was on channel 17 for years, which I believe is its Atlanta broadcast station. Before they needlessly changed the stations around a couple months ago, almost everything, down to FOX61, was on its proper station.

TBS is on channel 29 for Time Warner Digital Cable here in Orange, CA (well, that’s the feed I get).

Time Warner here in Ithaca NY, and it’s 17

Okay, I’ll settle at this point for someone else checking behind me and confirming that there is a “24” in the bug on your screen, too. Perhaps it’s just something my local TimeWarner brigade is adding?

Cablevision, channel 6

I see TBS Superstation superimposed in the lower right corner.

Side note: Ted Turner once tried putting player’s nicknames on the back of their jerseys instead of their real names. MLB brought down the hammer when he had one of his pitchers, #17, sport the moniker “Channel” on the back.


And it just says TBS Superstation. So no for Oceanic Cable.

41, AT&T Broadband. (Formerly TCI Cable)

Oddly enough, TCI didn’t even CARRY TBS for many years, something which my chat room MiSTing friends thought of as something of an oddity.

53 - AT&T

230 on the Dish. No special logo.

From the OP: “Channel 17 WTBS”

Youngster. I remember when it was WTCG, and Bill Tush was their biggest celebrity: he was their late-night anchor and movie-reviewer, before Turner changed the call letters to WTBS and gave Tush a bigger role. I used to watch this guy every Saturday night when the channel was nothing, just a fuzzy UHF signal showing this bizarre, funny news program followed by a monster movie. He is now lost in the vast CNN empire that he helped create, forgotten in the midsts of time. I think he does entertainment reporting for CNN, but he could’ve moved on since I saw him last.

Did some research: http://www.jumptheshark.com/t/billtush.htm

Oh, WTBS is channel 35 on our Comcast basic package.