Poll: What do you do at home after work?

Give the Heiress a kiss and a hug.
Ditto for the wee princes.
Give the cat a good scratching.
Change out of my suit and tie.
Help serve dinner.
Clean up after dinner.
Sometimes play a little Tetris.
Read or play with the princes.
Maybe check my email.
Clean up around the house a little.
Help the Heiress put the princes to bed.
Watch a video or DVD, or read, or check out the Dope, or check email, or a little of each.
All too seldom, take a romp through the verdant fields o’ love with the Heiress.
Go to bed around midnight or so, most nights.

Get home, change into PJs/lounging clothes.

Microwave food and eat it while on the couch, with the TV on.

Start quilting with the TV on. Continue until it’s time to recline and then sleep, about three hours.

We both work full time and go to grad school - so on the occasions that we are at home together at the same time in the evenings we are usually sitting quietly at the kitchen table working maths and linguistics respectively. At dinner time we’ll watch TV if a show or movie is on that we enjoy. That’s about it.

Substitute chatting with the kids and the husband, doing some chores, and knitting, and that’s my evening.

Also, I read before I go to sleep.

Single here, so rather boring :stuck_out_tongue:

World of Warcaft.
Read a book.

Usually two out of the three, though occasionally if I’m extremely bored, I’ll go out somewhere to eat.

I have a much shorter commute than he does (~5 minutes vs. 1 hour 15 min) so I get home first, make dinner, maybe clean/organize, play with the cat. We eat. I watch tv and he does computer stuff. That’s about it.

I think he wishes that we did more together in the evening, but I need time to decompress after work and sitting mindlessly in front of the tv does that for me.

I park the Studebaker in the driveway, throw open the door with a “Hi Honey, I’m HOME!”, then I toss my fedora onto the hatrack.

Spot the labrador bounds up and licks my hand affectionately.

The kids come from behind mommy’s skirts and I ruffle Junior on the head, ask about his Science Fair project, and give a little squeeze to li’l Betty Sue, and admire her latest doll’s dress she’s been sewing.

The little lady takes my coat, lights my pipe and gives me a foot rub, then returns to the kitchen to finish the meal, while I read the paper.

Soon, dinner is ready, and all four of us sit down to Jello salad, meatloaf, and Tater Tots.

After food, and with a cheery “goodnight pa!”, the kiddums go off to be bathed, while I attend to my baseball card collection and listen to the radio. The wife reads them a bedtime story, then comes down and mixes us both a dry martini.

Then we drink a few highballs, and I take out my frustrations from work by smacking her around a bit, and as she weeps we retire to bed, where she resigns herself to an urgent and unsatisfying three minutes of pumping away that I insist on, despite her feigned headache. Then we drift off to sleep.

Sometimes the boss comes round to dinner, and then we have some farcical hi-jinks to do with the lower-class neighbors.

I get home from work about 11:00 if I get off on time, 11:30 or midnight if I finish late, which is happening more and more often. I can’t go straight to bed, even if I wanted to, so I boil the kettle, boot up the computer and read emails/surf for a while. Have something light to eat and a cup of tea. Finally settle down in bed, with a book of which I generally manage to read a paragraph or two, about 12:30 or 1:00am.

We’ve recently started playing Diablo 2: LOD again - our first characters got stuck on Hell difficulty so we made new ones and are going to try again. We’re currently fostering a greyhound so we often take him for evening walks in the park. Otherwise we watch TV, play Wii, or do our own thing.

Change clothes
Cook, eat, clean away dinner
If it’s a study night - listen to lectures, read materials, research and write essays etc.
If not - listen to music, read non-study stuff, go out walking. I don’t watch TV.

Since my weird schedule this semester gets me home by five, I usually have dinner and put my feet up, as they do get sore from my having been on them for four hours straight in the classrooms, not to mention walking or climbing.
I get my mail, get cleaned up, mess around on the Internet, watch the TV or a DVD, answer phone messages, and finally get to bed around 11 or so.

You’re looking at it.

Well, and make something for dinner (I live alone, but make every effort not to eat total crap), watch a bit of telly (maybe every third night or so), do some laundry, pay the bills, process some digital photos, maybe watch a fillum on DVD. That’s about it, really.

I usually come home in the evening. I live in a shared house with five other people, so five days a week dinner is already served. On wednesdays its my turn to cook.

After that, if the dog hasn’t already had his evening walk, I take him outside for a stroll.

Then its usually some slouching in the sofa with the others wathing telly.

And I usually like to read some pages in bed until I nod off.

Is that you, Ozzie? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventures_of_Ozzie_and_Harriet

I’m single and unattached at age 24.

I often do the following after work (an 8am to 5pm weekdays job as a desk jockey and lab rat), but not always in the same order:

-play guitar
-surf the net usually including at least a quick but maybe longer look at the SDMB
-do chores around my apartment or run errands
-listen to music
-compose music
-email or chat w/ real life friends who are further away from me these days

Single Dad; age 49.

Upon arrival, I:

Feed the cats. One of the few things my ex left when she cleaned the place out.

Contemplate my impressive stack of dirty dishes.

Have a highball.

Call my Dad; have a short chat.

Look to see if the Warriors are on; settle for the Food Channel if not.

Have a highball.

Make/eat dinner.

Have a highball.

Lay out clothes/make lunch for next day.

Leave TV on; start another book.

Go to bed early; wake up at 2:00 a.m.

Read for an hour or so; try to go back to sleep.

Repeat during the week until Saturday; then hang out with my son for approximately 23 hours.

I find that if I state as a policy “I do dishes on Saturdays”, it helps a lot in my being able to comfortably ignore them. I simply have a policy I must follow. :smiley:

Mostly I cook, eat and watch TV (or a DVD). Depending on the weather and how awake I feel, I may take a long walk. Lately I’ve been reading more books than has been the norm for the past several years.

Wifey cooks, eats, and may watch TV or may play computer games. I won’t touch a computer after work except when I’m expecting an email.

We generally don’t talk a whole lot on weeknights unless something unusual is going on; we save it (and other activities) for the weekend.

So we’re boring, but hell, we’re tired.

Start by sitting in the kitchen while she finishes making dinner. (She works from home, so she starts it when I leave work.) We talk.
We have dinner, and talk some more.
I clean up, then walk the dog.
Somedays we watch TV, but somedays she has work to do.
We often both read in bed, which often involves more talking.
Sometimes we watch DVDs the other isn’t interested, and often we’re on our individual computers.

Turn on the news.
Put on tea kettle
Change Clothes.
Make cup of tea.
Get something to eat.
Drink tea while going through mail and watching news.
Have food while watching TV.
Have second cup of tea while playing music and writing in diary
Brush teeth.
Take bath.
Go to bed.