You just got home from work. How long before you can plop your butt down on the couch and relax?

Tittle says it all:

For me it’s about an hour:

Come home, take a shower, feed the critters, minor house chores, cook dinner and then finally sit down and relax.

During the work week I tend to make simple dinners that just basically requires me to just throw something in a pot and warm it on the stove.

Not until the baby goes to bed, so it’s two to two and a half hours.

It varies, but anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Come home, kiss wife, take out trash, do yard work, general puttering, put away dishes and laundry, that kind of stuff. Then wind down in front of the computer until dinner.

About 2:15. Home at 6:30, sit for dinner with family, help wife clean up, help daughter with homework, read to kids & put one to bed, change into PJs, sit and open a book by around 8:45. I have a long drive home so by the time I get there I’m usually pretty relaxed; I just don’t officially clock out until I sit in my reading chair.

Three to four hours, I guess.

Get home about 6:00, feed the cat, cook dinner (or mind the kiddo and try to do chores while husband cooks), eat dinner, clean up the table and kitchen (or mind the kiddo and try to do chores while hubs does it), bathe kiddo, read stories to kiddo, husband puts kiddo to bed while I finish the cleaning and chores for the night.

That’s usually about 9:00, or 10:00 at the very latest. Then I read in bed for about an hour, and it’s lights out.

About 4 hours. Walk the dog, play with kids, make dinner, eat, bath time, stories, do dishes.

Then it’s leisure time. Usually a movie or a book or a video game.

When the kids were little, 4 to 5 hours. Once they were in bed I could have some time to goof off.

These days, 15 minutes. Say hi to the dog, check the mail, change clothes. After an hour or two of playing on the computer/watching TV I might do something useful like cook dinner, work on a household project and or go to the gym. I walk the dog somewhere in there and then back to screwing around until bed time.

The kids are grown and gone. Sometimes it’s 5 minutes, sometimes never. On high-stress work days, it’s 5-10 minutes.

About three hours these days. Maybe 2.5 if it’s an easy dinner night and the baby goes to sleep early.

It depends on whether I get fed or not. I can be on the couch in about 3 minutes. But I’m usually not able to fully relax there for the night for about another hour.

I have it down to about fifteen seconds on average. Remove shoes, pop frozen pizza in oven, remove pants and shirt, get into hoodie and sweatpants, wake up computer, done. It varies a bit, though. Sometimes it’s longer because I have to go pee. Other days it’s shorter because I’m already wearing a hoodie or decide to do my relaxing in the buff.

Hours, you say? Hah! You poor f***ers. Hey, I may not be good at much in my life, but I’ve got slacking down to a fine art.

3 or 4 hours. I roll up from work at 5 then walk the dog, go to the gym, cook, eat, clean up dinner, shower and then can fuck around for a bit and go to bed.

Healthy living is a fucking bitch.

About 15 minutes. Immediately go upstairs and change into PJs, “cook” dinner (sandwich, or Ramen, or Knorr (formerly Lipton) Pasta and Sauce) and retire to my subterranean lair for TV and quilting. Thirty minutes if I make fish sticks.

Two minutes. My gf works longer hours than I do, so while I get home around 3, she arrives around 8.

Often I’ll do the evening horse feeding (15 minutes) and collect any eggs from the chickens. Around 6:30 I’ll begin getting dinner together if it is “my night”.

(I have it made):cool:

2-3 hours. Come home, eat dinner, bath time, bedtime for the little one, violin practice for the older one, clean up kitchen, bedtime for the older one. Sit down.

Depends how nice my outfit is. Something comfortable that can be thrown in the wash, 2.5 seconds (time it takes to get from the door to my comfy chair). Something I feel I need to change out of before relaxing, 5-10 minutes. I usually relax for an hour or two before I’m motivated to do any necessary chores, like going through the mail or listening to the answering machine.

I’m kind of amazed and envious that:

…can come before:

I can be in my sleepwear and napping on the couch in about 10 minutes. But then I do get up and possibly eat something, and work a little from home.

Usually I don’t hit the couch and relax. Get home at 6:00 make dinner, eat dinner, clean up, getting the 4 year old down and the preping for the next day (make lunch, office clothes workout clothes) it’s 9:00 or 9:30 before we’re done for the day. By that time its into bed for an hour of mindless TV. So I guess its the bed and not the couch. We’re usually asleep by 10:30.

I get home at about 5pm, then talk to hubby and kids, check mail, etc., for about 45 minutes to and hour. Then working my small business until 10:30 or so. Then, I can relax.

So - 5.5 hours?