POLL: What is your mortgage and/or prop taxes

My monthly mortgage payment is:

  • $1-$500
  • $500-$999
  • $1000-$1499
  • $1500-$1999
  • $2000-$2499
  • $2500-$2999
  • $3000-$3499
  • $3500-$3999
  • $4000-$4499
  • $4500-$4999
  • $5000-$5499
  • $5500-$5999
  • $6000-$6499
  • $6500-$6999
  • $7000 and up

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My annual property taxes are:

  • $1-$499
  • $500-$999
  • $1000-$1999
  • $2000-$2999
  • $3000-$3999
  • $4000-$4999
  • $5000-$5999
  • $6000-$6999
  • $7000-$7999
  • $8000-$8999
  • $9000-$9999
  • $10000-$10999
  • $11000-$12999
  • $12000-$12999
  • $13000-$13999
  • $14000-$14999
  • $15000-$15999
  • $16000-$16999
  • $17000-$17999
  • $18000 and up

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I live in NJ, we have some of the highest property taxes around. It will eventually drive me from the state. My mortgage payment is a little higher than it should be. Hopefully my taxes are also.

Mortgage needs a zero option….

Intentionally omitted.

For the property we reside in, mortgage is at about $1200/mo, and taxes are at about $3.7K/yr, though last year we got some COVID exemption that lowered it significantly. I’m voting by the normal amount we pay. For my childhood home (which we bought) it’s paid off. Taxes are about $2.5K/yr on that one. We also have a condo, paid off, taxes are somewhere around $2k/yr for that one.

$2700/mo mortgage, $10k/year taxes. Santa Cruz, CA

I own mortgage-backed securities, where are the negative numbers?

I’m not currently a homeowner, thank goodness. This article appeared in our local paper the other day. I didn’t realize that “Texas already has some of the highest property taxes in the nation, relying heavily on that revenue because the state does not tax income.”

The money has to come from somewhere, eh?

I live in Montana, and property taxes are much lower than when I was living in California. Due to a rapid increase in property values, at least partly due to buyers fleeing COVID rampant areas, Montana is proposing a ballot initiative to freeze property values at 2019 values and only allow a 1% increase a year maximum. Smells to me like California’s Prop 13, which robbed public schools of much of their funding. I don’t have a mortgage on my house.

I’m stunned someone voted “18k and up” for property taxes. Maybe I should have weighted the poll higher.

My friend pays just north of $20K a year in taxes here in Oak Park on a $700K property. It’s not that difficult to get to $18K or higher around here.

I think my mortgage is about $664/month now. It used to be under $600/month, but taxes and insurance have increased over the years. I bought the approx. 1,090 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 1 bath house, on ¼ acre, about 500 feet from the beach, in 2003 for $96,000. Zillow estimates the current value to be $317,800, and Redfin estimates it at $340,799. I think I’ll have it paid off around September or October of 2025.

I don’t know how much the taxes are, because the taxes and insurance are included in the mortgage payment. Hence, I voted $500-$999 for the mortgage payment including everything.

Yup. This.

What are those of us with a paid-off mortgage supposed to answer here, in that case?

Ayuh. Here in town in “tax-free” New Hampshire my property tax rate is 2.4% so I’m paying over 5k in property taxes for a house only worth a bit over 200k.

I’m about $9100 for a house rated at $380k. So roughly the same rate.

$1,025/mth on the Mortgage and $4,020/yr on the property taxes. Except the taxes are paid through the mortgage escrow so part of that $1,025 is covering the tax payments. Southwest Chicago Suburbia.

My property taxes work out to 1.06% When they factor in the improvements we added this year, the rate will stay the same but the value could easily double.

Skip the first poll, answer the second one.

Where we moved from on Long Island prop taxes were in the 25K range (house value around 700K). We moved to Chicagoland and everyone warned us about the “high taxes”. We just smiled and wrote our 8K check (house value around 500K).

Difference was we could find a very nice 500K house here…