Poll: What makes good house decoration?

-I like candles, both for the visuals and for smell. My favorites are the gel candles. White Barn Candle Co. is a good place to purchase them, followed by Yankee.

-A fire place. Real or fake. I’m a fan of those gold ones.

-Caged parakeets. They are great for color schemes! For example, if you have a blue and green color scheme, get blue and green parakeets! The downside, you have to remember to feed them and they can get loud as hell in the morning. They also crap too much.

-A glass chess set! You can get one from a department store for like 20$.

-Black, gold, or silver blinds.

Of course, in order to have a coordinating color scheme, you have to decorate your house in blue, green, or yellow.

My tastes in interior design are hard to concisely explain. Suffice to say a mix of mid-century modern antiques and modern country.

B. That, you know, that big one.
1A. <<deleted by author>>
2. Treacle, again!

In keeping with the parakeets - if you find you have a lot of black and white in your home, considering buying a cow. You can dress up the cow by tossing a brightly-colored throw rug over its back, and use it as a side table. Consider twining white-bulb Christmas lights around its horns for an added touch!

Only in a plastic prison…

Accoring to Hilde: Straw on the walls, circus tents of grey and hot pink, bright blue plaid walls…

</Trading Spaces geek>

Make sure you buy black and white dogs to go with your black and white coat. :rolleyes:

Animals are not house decorations!

I decorated my room to match my cat - I did not, however, get the cat because he matched the room. Important distinction? I think so :slight_smile: