Poll: what purposeless tactile sensation are you into?

Whenever I’m reading, I must have something to rub underneath my fingernails. I usually use a postcard or something similar for a bookmark so I can run the corner along right where the nail meets the skin.

Whenever I’m reading, I must have something to rub underneath my fingernails. I usually use a postcard or something similar for a bookmark so I can run the corner along right where the nail meets the skin.

I’m a hair-twirler and lip-brusher too. And when I was pregnant, it was even better, because my hair had such a nice, thick, healthy texture.
I also rub my feet or legs along the sheets at night. Flannel is best, or an old, worn quilt.
And I LOVE a light skin-rub on my arms or back…not a massage, really, just the feeling of someone running their fingertips along my skin.
And one more: When my husband plays with my fingernails. Gives me nice chills.

(I think I need more hobbies.)

Oh, cruktar, that reminds me of another one - I’m constantly pushing at the cuticles on the back of my nails and also where the skin meets the nail under my nails. This may be partially functional, though - my nails grow right to the end of my fingers because I never bite them, and they do seem to need pushing back. The cuticles are always overgrown, too. Maybe I need regular manicures.

(I prefer a nice, broken-in cotton to flannel for feet and leg rubbing. It just feels so…good.)

I have a nasty habit of chewing on pens. If someone loans me one I have to constantly think must…not…chew if they want it back the way they graciously gave it to me. I’ve gotten ink in my mouth on at least one occasion. I really, really need to stop, but for some reason I just can’t will myself to.

I thoroughly enjoy blowing bubbles with bubble gum, and popping them very loudly. One of my students brought in a bag of Dubble Bubble yesterday and shared with the whole class. Oh my God. The kids were fascinated by my love of bubble-blowing. I’m a connnoisseur.

Or is it Double Bubble? I can’t remember, which thoroughly undermines my connoisseurship, but whatever.

Sliding into a bed thats just been made with crisp clean cool sheets, especially after a long shower after a long hard day, my hair just slightly damp, the bedroom window open just a crack, or a fan going . . . oh God, that’s sheer heaven.

Also, I’m another one of those hair people. I love to run my fingers through long hair, I love to have somebody do the same to me.

And then of course there’s sexual stuff.

“Masterbation” and right under your post “masturabation.” Are you people typing with one hand?

I love the feel of biting my tongue. I do it all the time, and nobody can stand it.

I gotta chime in with “all of the above” except for maybe one or two. My fingernails (that I’ve noticed) aren’t really that sensitive.

I also compulsively crack my knuckles. I mean, a lot. I don’t think i’m ever going to be able to fit a ring on any of 'em…

At work I chew on rubber bands or keep a paper clip between my lips. I’m also a chronic ear-F&$%er. I’m always finding myself with a sharp pencil in my ear. It’s tough to beat a good ear orgasm when you can’t be nekkid.

I like cold noses on my cheeks, I love the feeling of my goatee right after I trip it, or my face being slightly prickly after shaving, and I absolutely love feeling a woman’s hand, not anywhere dirty (but it couldn’t hurt) just the feel of a womans hand.

I often absentmindedly pull on my chest hair if I am only wearing an undershirt, and I really dig my leg going to sleep… the only problem with that is it will be up for the rest of the night.

I play with my rings. It’s not really a habit per se, but sometimes I find myself reaching with my thumbs to see if my rings are there. I feel odd if they aren’t. (I had to go put them on just now, 'cause I suddenly felt naked). Sometimes I twirl them around on my fingers, especially when my hands are cold, because then the rings are looser.

Oddly enough, you do this too, sometimes, Sua. Play with my rings, that is.


Goddammit, now I can’t stop!

I rub my fingernails on my lips. I never put nail polish on them, so the surfaces are really smooth, and it feels nice on the really sensitive skin of my lips.

I also like to run the satin edge of a blanket under my nails. I have one favorite edge on my blanket that always has to be at the head of the bed so I can play with it.

I used to be an obsessive book-page riffler. While reading, I would run my thumb along the top of the book, and feel the pages brush against my skin. Used to drive my best friend crazy.

I stopped doing it when I started reading ebooks and now I don’t do it even when I do read print.

I’m also pick at my toenails.


I like to crack my knuckles, as well as my neck. I’ve been doing it for years and years now, and it’s a habit that I’d have a hard time breaking.

I’m also a smoker, and occasionally I’ll find myself playing with an unlit cigarette. Usually just fiddling with it in between my fingers or some such.

When I was in elementary school, we were all checked for lice. The school nurse sat us down and ran a pencil through the hair - yes, I’m another person that gets a kick out of having his hair played with. When I’m bored, I play with my hair - run my fingers through it, twirl it. I also really love having someone’s fingertips to be run lightly over my shoulders and the back of my neck - it gives me chills. Shoulder-rubs are great, too.

I like having my head scratched. It’s a…oooh… such a thrill. Orgasmic.

I also like it on a crowded bus, when I’m pushed against the people near me. It’s a nice feeling when it’s shoulder-to-shoulder, but even better when I’m standing and the crush pushes my crotch against someone’s shoulder. I remember, vaguely, reading an essay on ‘shoulder sex’ and thinking, that’s me…

I shoudl qualify the above - only enjoyable if the people have regular personal hygine regimens.

I’m also another knuckle cracker. I have to pop each joint of each of my fingers, and my toes too.

I bite the inside of my cheeks as well, sometimes to the point of bleeding. I don’t know why because i absolutely HATE the taste of blood in my mouth.

I play with my hair all the time too, usually just by running my fingers through it over and over.

I used to pop my knuckles constantly, but now I only do it if someone I don’t like tells me it bugs them. I still pop my thumb joints, but that’s because I enjoy the clicking sound they make, I don’t feel it when they pop.

I pop my neck from time to time. It relaxes me in tense situations around other people, and some find it unsettling. Kind of balances the scales.

I chew on pen caps, in a way, if I’m writing at home. I gently clamp down on the cap and slowly spin the pen back and forth. That uneven muffled grinding and ratcheting sound is comforting. But I won’t touch the pen with my tongue, I hate the taste of plastic. I won’t chew on pens I don’t consider “mine”; it’s not a germ fear, it just feels rude for some reason.