Poll: what purposeless tactile sensation are you into?

No, this isn’t about sex. This is about twiddling your thumbs (OK, maybe this IS about sex :D). I’m talking about what do you consciously or semi-consciously like to feel for no apparent reason.

Me, I like things grabbing at my fingers. When I was a kid, I would almost always have a rubber band around a finger, sometimes with not-so-good results - never fall asleep with a tight rubber band on a finger. :eek:
Nowadays, when I’m at my desk, I’ll occasionally put a paper clip over the tip of a finger or some such.

What do you do, if anything, like this.


Having the short hairs on the back of my head rubbed. Sends up a chill up my spine that’s very nearly as good as sex.

For the life of me, I cannot stop twirling my hair. I love the way it feels. When it gets long enough, I also rub the patch of hair I’m twirling on my lips. I like the soft, silky feel. My brother says I look like a freak when I do it, but I barely notice that I’m doing it at all so - freak it is!

Also, when I’m stressed or bored, I bite the inside of my cheeks. It actually hurts, but I can’t stop and then my mouth hurts for a couple of days. I’m trying to stop that one. But I’ve been twirling since I’ve had hair and there ain’t no stopping me!!

I’m a very touch-sensitive person, so it’s hard to think of just one or two sensations, but I think my strangest/most purposeless one is satin blanket bindings. Even though I quit sucking my thumb ages ago, I still like the cool feel of blanket bindings between my fingers and toes, hooked under my fingernails, etc etc.

I also bite the insides of my cheeks, but that’s partly because my mouth is quite scarred from years of braces, so there’s plenty of scar tissue to bite. :slight_smile:

Well, who doesn’t enjoy popping bubble wrap bubbles?

(Why that’s so enjoyable, I don’t know.)

I’m sitting here popping bubble wrap as we speak. My weird thing is sucking my teeth. I do it ALL THE TIME! I hope it isn’t too noticeable, because I don’t seem to have any control over it at all. Do you bite your hair, too, DeskMonkey? I like to bite my hair if it’s long enough, or I just pinch the strands between my fingernails if it isn’t. I like the way it crunches.

Even though I’m a chick with little-to-no facial hair, I run my hands along my chin and throat like many men who have beards.

I attribute this to the fact that I was raised by my father, who does have a beard. I probably just picked the mannerism of from him.

When I was little I used to have really long hair and the ends of my braids were always soaking wet from my chewing on them! I used to love that crunching, the feel of the individual hairs between the teeth. I haven’t done it in ages, mainly because my hair hasn’t been long enough. It’s grown out a lot, so I just tried it (I couldn’t help myself, I had to sneak a little nibble) and I had to stop before I got really into it. If I start doing that obessisively now, I’m holding you personally responsible! :wink:

er, up from him

Is it the weekend yet?

Y’know, I’m actually relieved that someone else does this. I’ve always thought it was kind of gross and bizarre and I have no idea why I do it. It hurts, and yet there’s a weird satisfaction to it. I was always afraid my dentist would notice and report me to some psychiatric hospital or worse yet, my parents!

If i am walking down a hall with roughly painted walls, I like to walk with my fingertips lightly touching the walls. The texture gives my whole hand a tingly feeling.

I also like to play with binder clips or rubber bands or pen clips with my fingers.

Sheeesh. Get this bunch together we could be the extras in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

In one of the schools I went to growing up, the hallway walls in one section were made of a strange, porous cinderblock that had been glazed. The end result was this shiny, tile-like surface covered with circular holes ranging up to about a quarter inch in size. I use to love running my fingertips across them, because it made awesome popping noises.

I gotta go with Masterbation, here! :smiley:

She said she loved me like a brother. That’s great, cause she’s from Arkansas!

Since when is masturabation purposeless?

I love to have my head touched or my hair played with.
I like to crack my knuckles because it feels good. I;m not sure if this is the same as the others, though.

When younger I played with my hair all the time; someone once said I knew that was you in the car up ahead because you were playing with your hair all the way down the street. However, now my hair is short…and that talk of crunchy biting hair, oh yeah, I miss that too. So, now, I peel off toenails when they get long…this is silly, no one else does THAT.
One flew over the nest, indeed.

My earlobes, I idly play with them all the time, but I like them better when they’re cold rather than warm. Kinda weird I know.

My brother is constantly twirling or chewing on his beard.

I have this spot located about a foot or so below my belly button that when touched a certain way makes me shiver nad breath kinda hard. And there is a sort of cavity located near it that feels real nice when things are repeatedly inserted then removed. :smiley:

I love running my fingers through long hair, or having someone run their fingers through mine. Although it can be sexual, it doesn’t have to be. My incredibly infrequent haircuts are a real joy because of this, there’s no sensuality, it just feels good. Conversely, a female friend lets me play with her hair now and then, and while we are very good friends, sex just never enters the picture.

I will have to say though, that having another man do this, or doing it to a man, just has no effect on me and gives me a slight uneasiness. So while it may not be totally sexual, it is intimate enough to go beyond what I consider comfortable contact with other males.

I also like rolling the hairs in my goatee, to the point that it gets to looking patchy from the broken strands.

Hmm, on thinking about all this, I’m beginning to suspect a slight hair fetish…

I crack my knuckes, too, and I bite pens. Not pencils (not wooden ones at least, I don’t usually use those) but ball-point pens. I like the popping noise the little plug thing makes when you bite the surrounding plastic enough that the plug gets loose and can come out. The only problem is that it disfigures the pen and half the time you loose the pluggy think, or crack the casing if it’s hard plastic. I have a mechanical pen whose eraser end gets well-chewed on, too.

Maybe it’s just that I like having things to chew on…for some reason having a pencil in my hand or between my teeth makes me think easier. Weird.

Ah, well, sign us all up for the nutty crowd…I think everyone has these little quirks. The twisting hair thing drives me batty though, when my mom (short hair) or especially my sister (long hair) do it. AAAAAAAAHHHHGGGGHHHH!

There, I feel better now. :smiley:

Oh, I just love popping bubble wrap! There was this time that my brother and I werre over at a friend’s house last summer, and while the guys played video games, I popped some bubble wrap that just happened to be there!

I also twirl my hair sometimes… my sibs say I look like a freak, as well. But hey, I never claimed to be completely normal, now did I? :smiley: